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Dead by Daylight July Developer Update - Gameplay, Perks, Progression

The Dead by Daylight July 2022 Developer Update is full of changes, fixes, and major updates preceding the upcoming Mid-Chapter release.
Dead by Daylight July Developer Update - Gameplay, Perks, Progression

In June 2022, Dead by Daylight developers Behaviour Interactive announced some of the largest changes in the game's history, featuring major changes to the game's progression system and meta perks.

Those changes reached the PTB in early July 2022, so developers have had time to take users' feedback into account before the big release of the Mid-Chapter update in the middle of this month.

Here's everything you need to know about the Dead by Daylight July 2022 Developer Update, including all of the changes and new features that will go live in the Mid-Chapter update next week.

Dead by Daylight July 2022 Developer Update

Dead by Daylight perk changes
Around 40 perks will change after the Mid-Chapter update. (Picture: Behaviour Interactive)

The July 2022 update features changes to the game's progression system, gameplay, perks, and UI before the Mid-Chapter release.

These changes are tweaked from the PTB 6.1.0 release.

Progression System Overhaul Updates

The upcoming Mid-Chapter release will feature a total overhaul of the prestige system, with the game's progression system nearly completely changing. 

Along with the massive upcoming changes, here are the tweaks from the PTB release of the new system. 

  • The Bloodpoint cap has been increased to 2,000,000, from 1,000,000 previously.
  • After the Prestige Update, the middle prestige node will now cost 20,000 rather than the 50,000 in the PTB. 
  • In the PTB, players received 1 prestige level per prestige level before the update. For the Mid-Chapter release, players will receive 2 prestige levels per prestige level before the update, to a maximum of prestige 9. 

These changes align with developers' intentions to lessen the grind and make it easier for players to earn Bloodpoints and prestige their characters.

Gameplay And Perk Updates

Dead by Daylight perk and gameplay changes
Perk and gameplay changes will hit the game's live servers with the Mid-Chapter release. (Picture: Behaviour Interactive)

This update features just one gameplay tweak from the PTB. Now, Endurance will no longer prevent players from going down if they are affected by the Deep Wound status effect.

The upcoming Mid-Chapter update will feature numerous perk changes from the PTB, though:

  • Spine Chill will now feature a visual icon that displays the strength of the killer's terror radius. This is a band-aid accessibility fix to help those in the deaf community, and will be removed when developers find a suitable alternative.
  • Dead Hard's Endurance status effect will now last 0.5 seconds instead of 1 second.
  • Off the Record will now deactivate when the Exit Gates are powered.
  • Overcharge's generator regression speed will now grow from 75% to 200% over the course of 30 seconds, changed from 100% to 400% during the PTB.
  • Botany Knowledge will receive a 20% efficiency penalty when used with Med-Kits. Distortion will feature an audio cue when a token is used. 
  • All survivors' breathing volume levels will be re-assessed to ensure Iron Will is viable. 
  • Inner Focus will no longer have a range requirement (used to be 32m).

These changes, developers say, will help balance the game and make it fairer for players on both sides.

Visual Updates

We previously reported that many Dead by Daylight players were extremely unhappy with Behaviour Interactive's proposed reward for players who reached Prestige 3 before the upcoming update: a grainy filter over their character portraits. 

To many fans' relief, developers have changed the visuals of the reward. While players will still receive a special portrait for each character that reaches Prestige 3 before the update, the new portraits will feature red animated scratch marks behind the character's face. 

Prestige 3 reward dead by daylight
The reward for characters who reach Prestige 3 before the update has been changed. (Picture: Behaviour Interactive)

Additionally, the perk charms that players will receive at levels 7, 8, and 9 of the new prestige system have been changed from red to purple with a golden border. 

Dead by Daylight perk icon prestige reward
The prestige reward perk charms will now feature a purple background. (Picture: Behaviour Interactive)

Prestige icons will now have different trims depending on a character's prestige level, giving players even more incentive to prestige. 

And that's all. For more Dead by Daylight news, guides, tips, and leaks, be sure to check out our dedicated category.


Featured image courtesy of Behaviour Interactive.

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