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Dead By Daylight - How To Get Collision Course Achievement

Looking to get the new Dead by Daylight trophies? Here's how to get the Collision Course achievement using the killer Albert Wesker, also known as the Mastermind.
Dead By Daylight - How To Get Collision Course Achievement

The Dead by Daylight Project W chapter was released with six new achievements, and the Collision Course achievement is one you can only earn with Albert Wesker, The Mastermind.

If you play Wesker a lot, you'll probably get it eventually, but there are lots of ways to speed up the process and ensure you earn the trophy to add to your collection.

Here is how to earn the Collision Course achievement in Dead by Daylight as quickly and efficiently as possible.

How To Get Collision Course Achievement

albert wesker dead by daylight killer
To earn the Collision Course achievement, you'll need to use Albert Wesker. (Picture: Capcom)

The Collision Course achievement requires you to Slam one survivor into another 10 times in public matches.

In order to complete this challenge, you'll need to purchase and play as The Mastermind, also known as Albert Wesker. You can use his Virulent Bound ability to throw two survivors into one another.

To gain progress toward the achievement, though, the survivors don't necessarily need to collide with one another (ironic, considering the name of the trophy) - you just need to hit two survivors with one attack.

You can tell you've hit two survivors and thus gained progress toward the achievement if you see the "Collateral Damage" score event pop up in the upper left corner.

dead by daylight albert wesker
You can use perks like A Nurse's Calling to locate survivors when they are together. (Picture: Behaviour Interactive)

There are a few situations where you'll find survivors together: when they're healing and during an unhook scenario. These are great opportunities to earn progress toward the achievement. Go for Virulent Bound attacks during either of these times and attempt to hit both survivors at once. 

Equipping the right perks can also help you get the achievement faster. You can equip The Nurse's teachable perk, A Nurse's Calling, to make it easier to find survivors when they are healing. You can also use The Mastermind's own perk Awakened Awareness to see if survivors are lurking nearby ready to make the unhook as you carry a survivor, so you can prepare yourself for the Bound.

Now you know the easiest and best way to earn the Collision Course achievement trophy in Dead by Daylight.

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Featured image courtesy of Capcom.

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