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Best Dead by Daylight Streamers (2022)

Dead by Daylight players can get pretty competitive, both on and off stream, these are the best Dead by Daylight streamers as of 2022.
Best Dead by Daylight Streamers (2022)

Dead by Daylight is an asymmetrical 4v1 multiplayer horror game, and it's become one of the most-streamed games on Twitch in the past few years.

As Dead by Daylight streamers have found their footing on Twitch, YouTube, and other platforms, some strong players stand out from the rest. Here is our list of the best Dead by Daylight streamers right now.

Best Dead by Daylight Streamers (2022)

Some Dead by Daylight streamers play the game in order to be the best player of all time; others play for fun and crack jokes at the game as often as they can.

Our list will go over the overall best Dead by Daylight streamers, taking into consideration skill and viewer count.


otzdarva dead by daylight
Otzdarva is a Fog Whisperer. (Image: Otzdarva)

Otzdarva is perhaps the best-known Dead by Daylight streamer, earning over 1 million subscribers each on YouTube and Twitch. Otzdarva streams several times a week, and is a Fog Whisperer, meaning he is an official Dead by Daylight partner.

He is known for his 50-win streaks on various killers - including Clown, Artist, Hag, Legion, and more.

Otzdarva was also known for a long time as a Trapper main; as Trapper is one of the hardest characters to play and one of the weakest,  Otzdarva stands out from other streamers by choosing a main that doesn't align with the meta.


ohtofu dead by daylight
OhTofu makes a variety of videos, playing both killer and survivor. (Picture: OhTofu)

OhTofu has been playing Dead by Daylight since its release in 2016 and has been streaming the game since around that time. He is known for his varied Dead by Daylight videos and streams, testing out assorted builds and attempting achievements and challenges.

OhTofu streams twice a week and plays both survivor and killer. He streamed, and was one of the announcers for, Swish's Dead by Daylight tournament in early 2022.

Like Otzdarva, OhTofu is a Fog Whisperer, meaning he is an official Dead by Daylight streamer partner.


SpookyLoopz is a full-time streamer. (Picture: SpookyLoopz)

SpookyLoopz is a full-time Dead by Daylight streamer who primarily plays killer. He has acquired almost 200,000 Twitch subscribers, and streams multiple times a week.

SpookyLoopz is best known for his willingness to try out new builds, often experimenting with new strategies to take down survivors. While he sometimes plays meta builds, he also tests out other strategies that circumvent the meta.

Those are all of the best Dead by Daylight streamers on the internet right now. Of course, there are thousands of streamers out there for you to choose from, so give the streamers we've suggested a try before searching out some of your own.

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Featured image courtesy of Otzdarva.

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