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Dead By Daylight Tome 13 Leaks - Characters, Lore, More

Here is all we know about Dead by Daylight Tome 13 so far, from the characters, lore, and cosmetics that will be included.
Dead By Daylight Tome 13 Leaks - Characters, Lore, More

Each Dead by Daylight Tome comes with new lore about two existing characters, new cosmetics, and brand new challenges in the Archives for tons of Bloodpoints.

Tome 12 may be underway right now, but Tome 13 is coming up later this year and is quickly approaching. Leakers have already found information about the upcoming Tome. If you're wondering what Tome 13 has in store, here is everything we know right now about Dead by Daylight Tome 13.

Dead By Daylight Tome 13 Leaks

dead by daylight ghostface
The Ghost Face will be one of the featured characters in the upcoming Tome. (Picture: Behaviour Interactive)

According to known Dead by Daylight data miner Leaks by Daylight, the featured characters in Dead by Daylight Tome 13 will be The Ghost Face and Mikaela Reid.

Both The Ghost Face and Mikaela Reid will receive new lore in this Tome, explaining their lives before the Fog or giving further context as to how they ended up in the Entity's realm.

Because the Tome involves Ghost Face, it's considered to be a licensed Tome; licensed Tomes are relatively rare in Dead by Daylight, with the most recent featuring The Pig from Saw in Tome 10.

the wraith dead by daylight tome 13
The Wraith and Meg Thomas will receive content in the new Tome, though they will not be featured characters. (Picture: Behaviour Interactive)

The characters Meg Thomas and The Wraith will also be included in the upcoming Tome, though they will not receive additional lore. This means that they may have challenges, cosmetics, and other features centered around them for this Tome.

Tome 12: Discordance, featuring The Blight and Jonah Vasquez, will end on 27th September 2022, opening the doors for Tome 13 to begin in October.

While an exact release date for Tome 13 has yet to be announced, fans should expect it around October 2022, as a new Tome is released every three months.

And that's all we currently know about the upcoming Dead by Daylight Tome 13, including the characters, lore, and challenges that might be included. Check back here for more information and leaks as the Tome's projected release date nears.

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Featured image courtesy of Behaviour Interactive.