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Dead By Daylight Mori Rework - Release Date, What To Expect, More

Dead by Daylight developers are working on a new Mori system. Here's what to expect and when it releases.
Dead By Daylight Mori Rework - Release Date, What To Expect, More

Mori offerings are one of the most iconic gameplay mechanics in Dead by Daylight, allowing the Killer to kill Survivors by their own hands rather than on the sacrificial hook. In addition, each Killer has its own unique Mori, making the use of Mori specials exciting every single trial.

While Moris are understandably popular among players, the developers at Behaviour Interactive believe that a Moris rework is long overdue. As a result, the developers plan to focus even more on the Mori animations in the future. Here is everything we know about the upcoming Dead by Daylight Mori rework, including when it will release and what it will include.

Dead by Daylight Mori Rework - When will it release?

dead by daylight mori rework
Dead by Daylight's iconic Moris are getting a rework. (Picture: Behaviour Interactive)

Behaviour Interactive announced numerous game updates and changes in the Dead by Daylight Year 7 roadmap. One of those changes was the Mori rework, which they stated will likely release around Halloween 2022, provided there are no delays.

Currently, Killers can only perform a Mori if they bring a Mori offering, of which there are several types. Depending on the Killer's offering, they can choose to either kill the last Survivor, kill a Survivor who has reached the Second Hook state, or kill all Survivors who have reached the Second Hook state.

Dead by Daylight Mori Rework - What to expect?

With the upcoming reworked Mori system, Moris will no longer require Killers to bring offerings in Dead by Daylight. Instead, the Killer will instantly perform a Mori on the final Survivor once they are put into the Dying state.

survivors dead by daylight
After the update, the focus during the Mori will be all on the Mori, with no other distractions. (Picture: Behaviour Interactive)

"Following a visual transition, that Survivor and the Killer are brought to a special location in the environment, and the Mori Finisher begins," the developer road map update explained. "No longer will your Mori moment be 'censored' by inconveniently placed objects or invasive bushes. All attention will be placed entirely on the action taking place."

It's unknown how this will affect the hatch system in Dead by Daylight, as, currently, the last Survivor has the opportunity to crawl out through the hatch in the Dying state. This ability could be removed when the Mori system is updated.

As we mentioned, Dead by Daylight's Mori Rework update is slated for release around Halloween 2022, so keep your eyes open for more information and updates in the coming months.

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Featured image courtesy of Behaviour Interactive.

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