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Vecna Dead by Daylight Power Leaked

Vecna from Stranger Things Season 4 might be a Dead by Daylight killer in the near future, and leaks have revealed key information about his potential power.
Vecna Dead by Daylight Power Leaked

In recent months, leaks have surfaced suggesting that the Stranger Things IP will come back to Dead by Daylight, bringing back old Stranger Things characters along with brand new ones.

The new chapter will likely feature a new killer from Stranger Things Chapter 4, Vecna, and leakers believe they may have already found hints to Vecna's power. Here is everything we know about Vecna from Stranger Things' power in Dead by Daylight.

Dead by Daylight - Stranger Things Vecna Power

Dead by daylight nemesis resident evil
Vecna might feature Nemesis' zombie AI in his power. (Picture: Behaviour Interactive)

With the potential return of the Stranger Things chapter and a potential new Stranger Things chapter in the works, Dead by Daylight leakers and fans have been speculating about the new killer's potential power.

Last year, Dead by Daylight's game director mentioned that the zombie AI mechanic used for The Nemesis would be used for other killers in the future.

With the recent leaks suggesting that Vecna from Stranger Things Season 4 might be an upcoming killer for Dead by Daylight, data miner Leaks from Daylight believes that the zombie AI might be re-used on part of Vecna's power.

vecna stranger things dead by daylight chapter
Vecna's power could involve his Demobats, which protect and aid him in the series. (Picture: Netflix)

The zombie AI used for Nemesis' zombies might just be one of the most unique power mechanics in the game. Nemesis' zombies wander around the map, targeting survivors and honing in on loud noise notifications. They move independently of any killer input, providing the killer with more map control and a more extensive presence.

In Stranger Things Season 4, Vecna controls creatures known as Demobats, which aid and protect him. Just like The Nemesis' zombies, perhaps the Demobats could operate based on AI, attacking or swarming survivors as they move around the map. This could create a truly horrifying atmosphere that really feels like being trapped in a trial with the terrifying killer Vecna.

The Stranger Things chapter has yet to be officially announced, and everything we currently know is based on leaks - so take the data miners' information with a grain of salt. But with the information we have, it seems pretty likely that Vecna will come to Dead by Daylight, and it's very possible that Vecna's power could use Nemesis' zombie AI.

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Featured image courtesy of Netflix.

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