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Dead By Daylight 'End Transmission' Chapter Revealed with Sci-Fi Killer, Survivor and Map

Dead by Daylight Chapter 28: End Transmission is coming soon, featuring The Singularity and Garbiel Soma.
Dead By Daylight 'End Transmission' Chapter Revealed with Sci-Fi Killer, Survivor and Map

Dead by Daylight's Chapter 28: End Transmission was unveiled during the game's 7th anniversary live stream, showcasing the new killer, The Singularity; the new survivor, Gabriel Soma; and a brand new map, Toba Landing. The chapter is entirely original and marks the game's entry into the sci-fi horror genre, following the release of The Skull Merchant in Chapter 27.

Let's take a look at all of the upcoming content that was unveiled about Chapter 28: End Transmission during the 7th-anniversary live stream, so you can know what to expect in the coming weeks.

dead by daylight chapter 28 end transmission
The Singularity is Dead by Daylight's newest killer. (Picture: Behaviour Interactive)

New Killer: The Singularity

Dead by Daylight's newest killer is The Singularity, a sci-fi creature designed to kill. It's a horrifying mix of machine and human, bringing a new form of terror to survivors.

The Singularity is an AI that was meant to help the survivors settle on the new planet - the new map - but went rogue, now out to kill all humans. This killer uses machinery to strengthen its power and take down opponents. 

The killer can set up Biopods around the map, infecting any survivors that they can catch in their reticle, then being able to attack them. 

gabriel soma dead by daylight
Gabriel Soma is Chapter 28's survivor. (PIcture: Behaviour Interactive)

New Survivor: Gabriel Soma

Alongside The Singularity, new survivor Gabriel Soma enters the Fog in Chapter 28: End Transmission. He voices himself in the new chapter's trailer, making him the first survivor to voice themselves in a trailer.

"It learns at an impossible rate," he says of The Singularity. "It won't stop until you're dead. Or worse."

Gabriel Soma is one of the survivors that settled on the alien planet in the new map.

toba landing map dead by daylight
Toba Landing is Dead by Daylight's sci-fi themed map. (Picture: Behaviour Interactive)

New Map: Toba Landing

The new chapter doesn't just include a new survivor and killer but also a new map called Toba Landing. The map fits the same sci-fi theme as the killer and survivor, bringing a totally new style to Dead by Daylight's maps.

"There are three big themes that we wanted to explore in the new Realm," Dead by Daylight's creative director explained. "[First,] it's clearly an alien world. The second one is that we wanted to make sure that the human technology looked weak so that you never feel safe within these constructions they've built on the settlement. And the last thing we've added are traces of a long-lost civilization."

When Is Chapter 28: End Transmission Coming Out?

The Dead By Daylight PTB will be updated to include content for End Transmission on 23 May 2023. The update will be released on all platforms a few weeks later after testing on the PTB has concluded.

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