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How Many Maps Are In Dead By Daylight?

Wondering how many maps are in Dead by Daylight? Here's the most updated list.
How Many Maps Are In Dead By Daylight?
(Picture: Behaviour Interactive)

Dead by Daylight has been adding new content regularly for over 7 years now, and new maps are added all the time. From the creepy hospital hallways of Lery's Memorial Institute to the vast alien jungles of Dvarka Deepwood, survivors and killers alike get to experience all of DBD's Realms in the trials. So, how many maps are there in Dead by Daylight? Let's take a look at the count and full list.

dead by daylight maps
There are many maps in Dead by Daylight, each one with unique traits and layouts. (Picture: Behaviour Interactive)

How Many Maps Are In Dead By Daylight?

At the time of writing, there are 24 Realms and 47 Maps in Dead by Daylight.

It's worth noting that there are also multiple variations of each of those 47 maps. The placement of objectives like generators and hooks, as well as key objects like totems and chests, is randomly generated prior to each trial.

All Maps In Dead By Daylight

Here are all of the maps in Dead by Daylight, organized by realm. Some realms have as many as five maps, while others have just one.

  • Realm: The MacMillan Estate
    • Coal Tower
    • Groaning Storehouse
    • Ironworks of Misery
    • Shelter Woods
    • Suffocation Pit
  • Realm: Autohaven Wreckers
    • Azarov’s Resting Place
    • Blood Lodge
    • Gas Heaven
    • Wrecker’s Yard
    • Wretched Shop
  • Realm: Coldwind Farm
    • Fractured Cowshed
    • Rancid Abattoir
    • Rotten Fields
    • The Thompson House
    • Torment Creek
  • Realm: Crotus Penn Asylum
    • Disturbed Ward
    • Father Campbell’s Chapel
  • Realm: Haddonfield
    • Lampkin Lane
  • Realm: Backwater Swamp
    • The Pale Rose
    • Grim Pantry
  • Realm: Lery’s Memorial Institute
    • Treatment Theatre
  • Realm: Red Forest
    • Mother’s Dwelling
    • The Temple of Purgation
  • Realm: Springwood
    • Badham Preschool I
    • Badham Preschool II
    • Badham Preschool III
    • Badham Preschool IV
    • Badham Preschool V
  • Realm: Gideon Meat Plant
    • The Game
  • Realm: Yamaoka Estate
    • Family Residence
    • Sanctum of Wrath
  • Realm: Ormond
    • Mount Ormond Resort
  • Realm: Grave of Glenvale
  • Realm: Silent Hill
    • Midwich Elementary School
  • Realm: Racoon City
    • Racoon City Police Station East Wing
    • Racoon City Police Station West Wing
  • Realm: Forsaken Boneyard
    • Eyrie of Crows
  • Realm: Withered Isle
    • Garden of Joy
  • Realm: The Decimated Borgo
    • Shattered Square
  • Realm: Dvarka Deepwood
    • Toba Landing
    • Nostromo Wreckage

Previously the game also included the Hawkins National Laboratory Realm featuring the Underground Complex from Stranger Things, but it is no longer available in the game.


Those are all of the maps currently in Dead by Daylight; however, new maps are added all the time with new chapters. As new DBD maps are added to the game, we'll be sure to add them to this list.

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