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Stranger Things x Dead By Daylight Leaks - New Map, Animations, More

Recent leaks suggest that a brand new Stranger Things chapter might be coming to Dead by Daylight, perhaps featuring the killer Vecna.
Stranger Things x Dead By Daylight Leaks - New Map, Animations, More

After the Stranger Things content was removed from Dead by Daylight last year, numerous leaks have surfaced that the iconic Netflix show and the 4v1 horror game Dead by Daylight may be partnering up again.

Rumors suggest that the killer could be Vecna, from Stranger Things Season 4, and that Behaviour could add a new Hawkins map to Dead by Daylight. The old Hawkins Laboratory map is now indefinitely unplayable due to the end of the Stranger Things license. Here is everything we know about Dead by Daylight's potential renewed partnership with Netflix's Stranger Things.

Stranger Things X Dead By Daylight Leaks

Back in June, we reported that a leaker known as DBDLeaks found that Dead by Daylight would again partner with Stranger Things to introduce a new killer and survivors.

DBDLeaks later said on Twitter and their official Discord that they no longer believed the leaks, due to their source being unable to provide any further information.

In August 2022, though, DBDLeaks retracted their previous statement and came out with some brand new Stranger Things leaks that suggest the chapter is, in fact, coming out in the future.

DBDLeaks Twitter
A late July 2022 Tweet by DBDLeaks suggested that the Stranger Things chapter is, in fact, coming back. (Picture: DBDLeaks/Twitter)

"I can confirm that Stranger Things IS COMING BACK and second Stranger Things chapter is in the works," they wrote on their Twitter account.

The leaker found videos of an in-progress Hawkins map as well as a photo of a new hook animation. It's unclear as to whether this hook animation will be specific to The Demogorgon, or if other killers will use it, too.

Dead by Daylight hook animation demogorgon
The leaks showed a new hook animation. (Picture: DBDLeaks)

DBDLeaks did mention that the project is in early development, so players shouldn't expect a release, or even more official updates, soon.

Demogorgon hawkins map stranger things dead by daylight
A leaked video shows off a Demogorgon exploring a brand new Hawkins lab. (Picture: DBDLeaks)

Dead By Daylight X Stranger Things Twitter Hints

Both Behaviour and Netflix have perhaps hinted at a partnership on social media, too, according to another known data miner known as Leaks by Daylight.

In early July 2022, Dead by Daylight and Netflix followed one another on Twitter. Many Dead by Daylight developers also started suddenly following the official Stranger Things Twitter.

In 2019, before the release of the first Stranger Things chapter, Dead by Daylight hinted at the chapter's release on Twitter.

Dead By Daylight X Stranger Things Killer And Survivors

No information about the likely killer and survivors has been leaked yet, but it's very possible that the killer could be Vecna. Fans disproved a fake Vecna model back when the leaks were first found - but just because that Vecna model turned out to be fanmade, doesn't mean the Stranger Things 4 villain isn't coming to the game.

"Stranger Things leak right now as 'Vecna' model turned out to be fanmade. Parts of evidence provided supporting this leak is still legit for me," DBDLeaks wrote on Twitter back in June, before more leaks came out to confirm the chapter to data miners.

You can tune in to Behaviour Beyond, Behaviour Interactive's upcoming game showcase featuring Dead by Daylight announcements, on 3rd August 2022 for more updates on what Behaviour is up to.

Because the Stranger Things chapter is in early development, it's unlikely Behaviour will make any major announcements about it - but who knows what the studio has in store?

And that's all. For more Dead by Daylight news, guides, leaks, tips, and tricks, be sure to check out our dedicated category.


Featured image courtesy of Behaviour Interactive.

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