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How To Counter The Demogorgon In Dead By Daylight

In this guide, we'll take a look at how to counter The Demogorgon from Stranger Things in Dead by Daylight as a survivor player.
How To Counter The Demogorgon In Dead By Daylight

The Demogorgon was added to Dead by Daylight as part of the Stranger Things chapter alongside survivors Nancy Wheeler and Steve Harrington. While the killer has since been removed from the in-game store after Behaviour Interactive lost their license to the Stranger Things franchise last year, players who own the killer already can still enter the fog as his likeness, so you aren't safe from The Demogorgon when playing Dead by Daylight.

You might not see Demogorgon often in Dead by Daylight these days, making him a surprisingly challenging killer to face off against - but it's important to know the best counters to Demorgogon as a survivor. In this guide, we're here to help you with just that, by explaining how to counter The Demogorgon in Dead by Daylight.

Close Portals While The Demogorgon Is Busy

demogorgon portal counter
Closing The Demogorgon's Portals is important, but you should only do it at key times. (Picture: Behaviour Interactive)

The Demogorgon can place down Portals on the ground and teleport between them at will, allowing him extreme mobility - but survivors can also seal up those Portals. The catch, though, is that The Demogorgon can teleport to the Portals while survivors are sealing them, making sealing the killer's Portals a risky business. To avoid being ambushed while sealing up a Portal, be sure to only seal them up while the killer is busy; for example, while he is chasing another survivor or carrying them. This ensures that you will have time to safely close the Portal and get back to whatever you were working on in the area without being interrupted.

Heal Far Away From The Demogorgon's Portals

Sometimes, you won't have the chance or time to seal up one of the Demogorgon's Portals - and that's okay, but you should move forward wisely. If you or another survivor needs to heal, do so far away from the Portals to avoid being ambushed. If you happen to have Boon: Circle of Healing in your build, it's best to put the boon somewhere far away from The Demogorgon's Portals, too. This will not only prevent the killer from finding those who are healing in the boon range but will also discourage him from stomping the boon itself.

Dodge The Demogorgon's Shred

demogorgon shred counters dead by daylight
You can counter The Demogorgon's Shred by moving out of the way at the right time. (Picture: Behaviour Interactive)

In addition to his Portals, the Demogorgon has another ability, his Shred attack. It allows him to rapidly dash forward and injure or down survivors. Thankfully, though, you can see when the killer begins charging a Shred attack because he changes his stance and makes a loud noise. To avoid getting hit by the Shred, you should dodge the attack after the killer starts the Shred, not before. This way, they will not have time to adjust their movements and will instead be stuck without a hit.

That's all you need to know to counter The Demogorgon in Dead by Daylight. This villain from Stranger Things might be a discontinued killer, but that doesn't make him any less of a formidable foe!

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