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How To Counter The Twins In Dead By Daylight

Here's how to counter The Twins in Dead by Daylight so you can face off against Charlotte and Victor.
How To Counter The Twins In Dead By Daylight

The Twins is not just one killer in Dead by Daylight but a deadly sister/brother duo named Charlotte and Victor respectively. The two of them work together to take down survivors; with Victor's mobility and Charlotte's tracking, they need each other's abilities to complement one another to win trials.

For a new survivor, it can easily become overwhelming when going against both of the members of The Twins - but it's more than possible if you know how to play against this killer. To help you out, here is your guide to how to counter The Twins in Dead by Daylight.

"Steal" Victor From The Twins

victor charlotte dead by daylight
Survivors can "steal" Victor from Charlotte by avoiding Crushing him, but keeping him on their back. (Picture: Behaviour Interactive)

Charlotte and Victor need to work together to successfully locate, pressure, and down survivors in most instances. If Victor is latched onto you but Charlotte cannot manage to hit you, don't immediately Crush Victor. Instead, keep him on your back for as long as you can - this will prevent Charlotte from using her brother to attack other survivors during that time! 

After 45 seconds, though, Victor's location will be identified to Charlotte, and she will have the option to Recall him, meaning he will disappear from your back and reappear for the killer player to use. This trick is a good way to buy your teammates some time to complete objectives, but unfortunately, you won't be able to hang on to Victor for the entirety of the match.

Crouch Past Victor

If the Twins player is actively using Charlotte but has Victor sitting idly out, Charlotte will be able to identify any survivors near her brother through Killer Instinct. To avoid being identified with Victor's Killer Instinct, simply crouch past him. By crouching, you will not trigger Killer Instinct, and you'll be able to get through an area - or even complete a hook save if Victor is camping - without worrying.

Take Advantage Of The Environment Against The Twins

dead by daylight twins environment counter
It is challenging for Victor to climb hills and staircases, so use this to your advantage. (Picture: Behaviour Interactive)

Due to his small size, it is challenging for Victor to land Pounce hits on certain maps and around certain terrain. If you find yourself near a hill or a set of stairs, quickly climb it to make it harder for Victor to hit you. It isn't impossible for the tinier member of The Twins to land hits on staircases or another uneven terrain, but it's certainly significantly harder.

That's all you need to know to counter The Twins in Dead by Daylight. Charlotte and Victor must work together to defeat teams of survivors, so the key to countering them is limiting their ability to work together in the most important ways.

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