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How To Repair Generators Fast In Dead by Daylight

Fixing Dead by Daylight's generators is the survivors' main objective, so here's how to do it efficiently.
How To Repair Generators Fast In Dead by Daylight

Survivors have one main goal in every Dead by Daylight trial: repair five generators scattered around the map, and then open the Exit Gates to escape. But repairing generators isn't always easy when you have a determined killer on your tail. So how do you complete them as quickly as possible?

Thankfully, there are ways to repair generators more effectively and quickly as a survivor in Dead by Daylight, even allowing you to "gen rush" with teammates. Here's how to repair generators fast in Dead by Daylight.

How To Repair Generators

To repair a generator in Dead by Daylight you simply need to approach an unfinished generator and press the 'Repair' button prompt on screen.

If you can't interact with a generator, it's likely because it's already finished (you can tell as it'll move more quickly and the lights above it are illuminated), or there isn't an open side. Some generators only allow a specific number of survivors to work on them, while others might have room for the whole team.

How Long Does It Take to Repair a Generator

Before we explain how to improve your speed with repairing generators, it's important we first know what the baseline is. So, for full transparency fully repairing a Generator - without the additional help of a Toolbox, Perks, or other Survivors - takes 90 seconds. This is also assuming that no great skill checks are succeeded and no skill checks are failed.

dead by daylight generator repair
Dead by Daylight survivors need to fix generators quickly to escape. (Picture: Behaviour Interactive)

How To Repair A Generator Quickly

Bring A Toolbox

Toolboxes are arguably the best way to increase your generator repair speed in Dead by Daylight. The higher the rarity of the Toolbox, the better - though make sure you're not using Alex's Toolbox item for this purpose. It's designed for sabotage and actually slows down your repair speed a bit.

Toolboxes are made even better with the help of add-ons, like the Brand New Part, which will instantly grant you 10% repair progress on the generator provided you can succeed a quick skill check. Socket Swivels, which are of yellow rarity, are easier to stock up on than the Brand New Part but are still highly effective, increasing the Toolbox's repair speed by 30%.

Use Generator Speed Perks

Some perks will increase the rate at which you can repair generators, which means equipping these perks is a great choice if you're trying to fix them up as quickly as you can. Here are a few of the best generator repair speed perks in Dead by Daylight:

  • Prove Thyself (Dwight Fairfield) will significantly improve your generator repair speed when working with other survivors.
  • Fast Track (Yui Kimura) grants you Tokens when a survivor is hooked. exchangeable for instant 1% progress on a generator each, with all cumulative progress added when you hit a Great Skill check.
  • Resilience, a general perk available on all survivors, grants you a 9% bonus repair speed when you're injured.
  • When you complete a generator with another survivor, Friendly Competition (Thalita Lyra)gives both you and that survivor a 5% repair speed boost for 75 seconds. Coupled with Prove Thyself, Friendly Competition can grant you some insane repair speed bonuses.
  • Overzealous (Haddie Kaur) increases your repair speed after you cleanse or bless a Totem, with the bonus lasting until you're injured. It'll up your repair speed by 10% for cleansing a Dull Totem and 20% for a Hex Totem, making this one of the biggest gen repair speed boosts in the game.

Laurie Strode's Sole Survivor also boosts your generator repair speed by 75% if you're the last survivor standing, but it isn't incredibly useful for that purpose. If you're the last survivor, you'll want to focus on making your way out of the hatch rather than completing generators and opening the Exit Gates.

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