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How To Romance The Huntress In Hooked On You

Here is every single correct choice you need to make in order to romance the terrifying killer, The Huntress, in Dead by Daylight: Hooked On You.
How To Romance The Huntress In Hooked On You

The Dead by Daylight dating simulator Hooked on You is a game of many choices, and if you want to date your killer of choice, you'll need to make the right ones.

The Huntress, with her bunny mask and muscley physique, is a fan favorite that takes on both a hilarious and sexy new look in Hooked on You. Here is how to romance The Huntress in Hooked on You, including every single choice you need to make to impress the Dead by Daylight killer.

How To Romance The Huntress In Hooked On You

Dead by daylight the huntress hooked on you romance
Romancing The Huntress in Hooked on You requires making the right choices. (Picture: Psyop/Behaviour Interactive)

You'll have to make choices frequently as you play through Hooked on You.

Here are all of the right choices to make throughout the game in order to get the Huntress to fall in love with you in Hooked on You.

  • Choice 1: Accept The Huntress' jerky
  • Choice 2: Show The Huntress a thing or two about what you know about being human
  • Choice 3: Pick The Huntress to tell you a story around the fire
  • Choice 4: Join The Huntress in song
  • Choice 5: Summon The Huntress to help you sleep
  • Choice 6: Between The Trapper and The Huntress, choose The Huntress
  • Choice 7: Say "It's.... so much!" when The Huntress shows you her trinkets
  • Choice 8: Fight back against the crabs with the shashka
  • Choice 9: Say "of course" you want to start a family
  • Choice 10: Tell The Trapper "Thanks but no thanks"
  • Choice 11: Select any option except "What about if we let our pants down?"
  • Choice 12: Tell the group about your brush with death
  • Choice 13: Select The Huntress to tell you a story around the fire
  • Choice 14: Go on a date with The Huntress
  • Choice 15: Select Angler Fish Mask
  • Choice 16: Choose the black, yellow, and green mushrooms in that order
  • Choice 17: Eliminate any killer other than The Huntress
  • Choice 18: Spend the day with The Huntress
  • Choice 19: Say "HELL YES!" and help The Huntress get back her stolen trinkets from the other killers
  • Choice 20: In the Trapper's cave, choose the Underground Tunnel instead of the Forest
  • Choice 21: Choose "to start a family together"
  • Choice 22: Agree to help kill Dwight and Claudette
  • Choice 23: Tell the Huntress you love her too!
Dead by daylight the huntress romance
By the end of the game, you can make The Huntress yours if you follow the right path. (Picture: Psyop/Behaviour Interactive)

You don't have to make the correct selection for every single choice if you don't want to, though it helps ensure you will get the ending you want.

Some choices are more important than others; for example, if you choose The Huntress for every choice, it's okay if you want to hear The Spirit's campfire story. But you can't eliminate The Huntress if you want to date her in the end, making that an absolutely critical decision.

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Featured image courtesy of Behaviour Interactive / Psyop.

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