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How To Romance The Trapper In Hooked On You

The Trapper is rich, single, and ready to mingle...oh, and he's a murderer. Here is how to romance The Trapper in Hooked on You, the DBD Dating Simulator.
How To Romance The Trapper In Hooked On You

Hooked on You: A Dead by Daylight Dating Simulator recently came out on Steam, and it portrays Dead by Daylight characters in what might just be the funniest and most entertaining way possible.

If you have your eye on Dead by Daylight's first ever killer - a killer obsessed with money and attention - you're in luck. Here is how to romance The Trapper in Hooked on You: A Dead by Daylight Dating Simulator.

How To Romance The Trapper in Hooked On You

Dead by daylight trapper hooked on you
Impressing Trapper means showing that you're a killer, too. (Picture: Psyop/Behaviour Interactive)

Romancing The Trapper in Hooked on You means appealing to the richest, meanest character in the game, so you'll need to show Trapper some attitude in order to impress him.

The questions at the beginning of the game don't matter, so pick whatever you choose and get a feel for the killers' personalities before you go down Trapper's route. After all, they do differ a little from the original Dead by Daylight game!

Our choices begin right after the volleyball court scene at the beginning of the game. Here are all of the decisions you should make to date The Trapper in Hooked on You.

Choice 1: Go to The Trapper's yacht

Choice 2: "I can't choose"

Choice 3: Be cruel to Claudette and Dwight, saying "get rid of them" - do not pick a kind option here

Choice 4: Choose to spend time with the Trapper

You'll then face a Spin the Bottle minigame and Meat Carving minigame, which do not matter in terms of the results. Landing all perfect results in the Meat Carving minigame, though, will result in a special mini event with Trapper.

Choice 5: Say the food is gross

Choice 6: Say you don't want to see the scroll

Choice 7: Follow him quietly

Choice 8: Tell him his story was "Magnificent"

Choice 9: Have Trapper tell a story at the fire pit

Choice 10: Select "Now THAT'S a story" - and you'll get a Gold Coin! Nice!

Choice 11: "Honesty is important"

Choice 12: Choose "Laugh" for... another Gold Coin!

Choice 13: Have Trapper spend time with you by the fire

Choice 14: Go on a date with Trapper

The Trapper Dead by Daylight Hooked on you
The Trapper seems to love his Gold Coins. (Picture: Psyop/Behaviour Interactive)

Choice 15: "Assume its a trap”

Choice 16: “Don’t tell me what to do”

Choice 17: Tell Trickster no, and then tell him you're loyal only to Trapper

Choice 18: Snoop around for... you guessed it, another Gold Coin.

Choice 19: "Hell yeah!"

Choice 20: Reject The Huntress and tell her you're loyal to Trapper

Choice 21: Tell Trapper you don't want kids

Choice 22: "It's terrible"

Choice 23: Say nothing about your date

Choice 24: Agree to tell a story

Choice 25: Adventure

Choice 26: “No, you were kidding”

Choice 27: “Action”

Choice 28: Again, choose Trapper to tell his story around the fire

Choice 29: Say nothing

Choice 30: Spend time with Trapper

Choice 31: Tell him he chose this spot as another test, then say it's to test "survival"

Choice 32: “Maybe, maybe not”

Choice 33: Say you understand

Choice 34: Eliminate any of the killers other than Trapper; it doesn't matter which one you choose

Choice 35: Give Trapper the flowers

Choice 36: Ask Trapper what he wants in a partner

You'll then have to complete another short minigame in order to progress. Do well to impress your potential partner.

Choice 37: "Only if you promise not to kill me."

Choice 38: Share your "true romantic heartbreak."

Choice 39: When Trapper asks you a few questions about his father, answer as follows:

  • Tell him his father raised him right
  • “Uh, is he okay?”
  • “No, you don’t believe him”

Then, you can ask Mr. MacMillan any questions you like. It doesn't matter which ones you ask in order to progress the story, so ask whatever you're curious about.

Choice 40: When Mr. McMillan asks you questions of his own, answer as follows:

  • “Never”
  • “A partner in crime”
  • “Literally”
  • “Yes”

Choice 41: Look around for... yep, another Gold Coin.

Choice 42: “Finally! Let’s do this!”

Choice 43: “Meh”

Choice 44: “Depends on the person”

Choice 45: “No”

Choice 46: “I would never kill any McMillan”

Choice 47: To get Trapper's good ending and romance him, select "Yes, I love Trapper!"

Congratulations - you've now completed The Trapper's good route in Hooked on You: A Dead by Daylight Dating Simulator. Impressing a cold-blooded killer isn't easy, but you've managed to do it.

And that's all. For more Dead by Daylight news, guides, leaks, tips, and tricks, be sure to check out our dedicated category.


Featured image courtesy of Behaviour Interactive / Psyop.

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