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How To Romance The Wraith In Hooked On You

If you like the mysterious and sly type, then you'll like The Wraith. Here's how to romance The Wraith in Hooked on You: A Dead by Daylight Dating Simulator.
How To Romance The Wraith In Hooked On You

Dead by Daylight may be a horror game, but Hooked on You: A Dead by Daylight Dating Simulator is everything but scary with its goofy, tropical, and sometimes sexy themes. The Wraith brings some elements of darkness back to Hooked on You with his mysterious demeanor, making him a fan favorite.

Here's how to romance The Wraith in Hooked on You and get the optimal ending for The Wraith.

How To Romance The Wraith In Hooked On You

Wraith dead by daylight hooked on you
The Wraith isn't hard to impress. (Picture: Psyop/Behaviour Interactive)

Romancing The Wraith in Hooked on You requires being honest and open with him throughout the game, as well as impressing both him and his grandmother, who is very important to him.

Here are all of the choices you need to make in order to earn The Wraith's love.

  • Choice 1: Kick it back
  • Choice 2: Choose the beach icon to go to the pool
  • Choice 3: Goggles and snorkel
  • Choice 4: Hands off
  • Choice 5: Have some fun
  • Choice 6: Say “I’m sorry”
  • Choice 7: Tell him “No”
  • Choice 8: Hold the bell delicately when The Wraith shows it to you
  • Choice 9: Choose The Wraith to tell you a story around the campfire
  • Choice 10: Ask about the story
  • Choice 11: Say “I would forgive him”
  • Choice 12: Say, “Yes” after The Wraith asks you if the story reminds you of anyone
  • Choice 13: Choose The Wraith
  • Choice 14: Break the silence, then say “I have no idea”
  • Choice 15: Mix the potions
  • Choice 16: Say you remember your grandmother
  • Choice 17: “What’s the table for?”
  • Choice 18: Smile
  • Choice 19: Choose Truth or Dare; both produce the same result
  • Choice 20: Say “Hmm, great question”
  • Choice 21: “Cactus”
  • Choice 22: “Show me something”
  • Choice 23: Say "you’re a hypocrite” or say nothing to The Spirit
  • Choice 24: Say you had a great time
  • Choice 25: “Fine, I’ll tell a story”
  • Choice 26: Choose any type of story
  • Choice 27: Ask The Wraith to tell a story
  • Choice 28: Ask what’s wrong
  • Choice 29: Suggest throwing a frisbee
  • Choice 30: Hug him
  • Choice 31: During the elimination round, choose any killer other than The Wraith
  • Choice 32: Tell The Wraith he could never disappoint you
  • Choice 33: Pick up the coin if you want it, though picking it up does not affect the outcome
  • Choice 34: In The Trapper's Cave:
    • Look around the cave
    • Pick up the coin if you want
    • Quit while you’re ahead
    • Bribe him/tell him you’re pranking Wraith
  • Choice 35: At the Huntress’s Cabin
    • Tell her you’re pranking Wraith
  • Choice 36: At The Spirit's Lighthouse, choose anything
  • Choice 37: Ask Wraith what you're ending up with
  • Choice 38: "A statue of a horse”
  • Choice 39: “Cactus”
  • Choice 40: Choose to play the minigame or the trivia quiz. For the trivia quiz, input these answers:
    • “Cetus”
    • “The Zodiac”
    • “Horologium”
  • Choice 41: Accept Wraith's love!
Wraith Dead by Daylight
The Wraith values his family, especially his grandmother, so your answers should reflect that. (Picture: Psyop/Behaviour Interactive)

Upon completing the route, you'll earn the Blood Pact achievement - and Wraith's heart.

Making a few "wrong" choices is okay - for example, if you want to hear The Huntress' campfire story but you've chosen the correct Wraith option for every other choice, you should go for it.

But be sure not to make a critically wrong choice that will end your path with your hopeful lover, like eliminating The Wraith when it comes down to it.

Now you know how to romance The Wraith and get his good ending in Hooked on You.

And that's all. For more Dead by Daylight news, guides, leaks, tips, and tricks, be sure to check out our dedicated category.


Featured image courtesy of Behaviour Interactive.