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How To Use A Flashlight In Dead By Daylight

Learning how to use a Flashlight in Dead by Daylight can be confusing for new Survivors, but it's a worthwhile skill to learn.
How To Use A Flashlight In Dead By Daylight

When starting out in Dead by Daylight, using a Flashlight is one of the most intimidating skills to learn. Not only do you have to figure out how to get a Flashlight in the first place, but you also have to determine the right timing and position to use it correctly to stun or blind the Killer or burn their traps.

But don't fret because getting and using a Flashlight in Dead by Daylight is easier than it might seem, even if this amazing item requires a little practice to master. To help you on your journey, we've put together this guide to using a Flashlight in Dead by Daylight.

How To Get & Equip A Flashlight In Dead By Daylight

Before you try using a Flashlight in Dead by Daylight, you'll need to obtain and equip one. There are two ways to do this. You can either purchase one from the Bloodweb and equip it in your item slot before the trial begins or search chests within the trial to obtain a Flashlight. You can guarantee you find a Flashlight in a chest if you bring Haddie Kaur's perk, Residual Manifest.

dead by daylight flashlight uses
Flashlights in Dead by Daylight have more uses than many people realize. (Picture: Behaviour Interactive)

Most Survivors know that you can use a Flashlight in Dead by Daylight to stun a Killer, but there are more uses for a Flashlight than that. Here are all of the uses for a Flashlight in Dead by Daylight:

  • Blinding the Killer - Blinding the Killer without stunning them will disorient them, preventing them from seeing what is around them for a few seconds.
  • Stunning the Killer - If you shine your Flashlight in the Killer's eyes at the right time immediately after they pick up a Survivor or grab them out of a locker, you can stun the Killer, causing them to
  • Burning The Hag's traps - A lesser-known use for Flashlights is to burn The Hag's traps, destroying them and preventing her from teleporting to them.

How To Use A Flashlight In Dead By Daylight

There are various purposes for a Flashlight in Dead by Daylight, so you might have to utilize different strategies depending on what you're trying to do. Let's take a deeper look at how to stun and blind Killers in the game and how to burn up The Hag's traps, rendering her power largely useless.

dead by daylight flashlight blind
One of the best uses for a Flashlight in Dead by Daylight is to stun and blind the Killer. (Picture: Behaviour Interactive)

How To Stun And Blind The Killer

To use a Flashlight to stun a Killer in Dead by Daylight, you need to shine the light directly into the Killer's eyes at the right time after they pick up a Survivor. The Killer should be facing you so you can shine the light into their eyes. Watching videos and observing how other Survivors blind the Killer can help you understand what to do, but nothing helps more than practicing each time you can. The best approach is to hide nearby before the Killer picks up the Survivor, then immediately run out and shine the light in their eyes when they do pick up.

How To Burn The Hag's Traps With A Flashlight

It's extremely simple to destroy The Hag's traps using a Flashlight. All you need to do is shine your Flashlight on the trap on the ground, and you can watch it disappear and hear it fizzle away.

That's all you need to know to use a Flashlight in Dead by Daylight, including all of the best tips, tricks, and strategies. Of course, practice makes perfect with this skill, as with any other in Dead by Daylight and in all games, so get out there and practice blinding the Killer!

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