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Haunted By Daylight: How To Use Void Zones

Here's how to use Void Zones during Haunted by Daylight 2023.
Haunted By Daylight: How To Use Void Zones
(Picture: Behaviour Interactive)

Dead by Daylight's Void Realms are a sub-realm in the Entity's World, where survivors go after they've completely burnt out of energy in trials. However, players can enter Dead by Daylight's Void Zones during the Haunted by Daylight event, while the barriers between realms are much thinner than usual.

So, what's outside of the trials? You can find out for yourself by collecting enough Void Energy to enter the Void Zone. Here's how to use Void Zones during the Haunted by Daylight 2023 event.

18 October 2023 - The Haunted By Daylight event goes live today. We will look to update this page once we've played the event and if we have any further information to add to our guide.
Dead by daylight void realm
Haunted by Daylight's Voids corrupt survivors and killers. (Picture: Behaviour Interactive)

Haunted By Daylight: How To Use Void Zones

To enter a Void Zone, players will need to collect Void Energy in a variety of ways. Players collect Void Energy from repairing generators, while killers collect Void Energy from killing and injuring survivors. New for the 2023 event, players can also get Void Energy from Void Orbs floating around the map; as you approach, they'll fly toward you and allow you to collect it.

Players can transfer that energy into Unstable Rifts. Once those Rifts collect enough energy from all players - killers and survivors alike - it'll open up a portal to the Void. Here, players will need to track down Haunts and free the souls stuck there. 

You'll want to do this before the door to the Rift closes, but it might prove to be challenging. In The Void, as a survivor, you'll be inflicted with the Exhausted status effect. If you get injured while in the Void, or are already injured when you enter the Void, you'll also be Broken. Killers, on the other hand, have no access to their powers and are Undetectable.

If the whole team successfully frees all souls from the Haunt before the Rift closes, the Rift will immediately close and all players will receive a series of buffs.

The Haunted by Daylight event, and this special game mode, lasts until 6 November 2023.

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