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Is Dead By Daylight's New Two-Killer Prop Hunt Mode Coming To PC & Console?

Dead by Daylight Mobile is getting a new game mode, and PC and console players are wondering when it's their turn.
Is Dead By Daylight's New Two-Killer Prop Hunt Mode Coming To PC & Console?
(Picture: Behaviour Interactive)

Dead by Daylight Mobile's hide-and-seek game mode will switch up trials in more ways than one; not only will survivors need to stay hidden from killers if they want to stay alive, but they'll have to avoid two killers in each trial. You read that right: Dead by Daylight's hide-and-seek game mode will be the first time ever that players can enter a trial as a duo of killers attempting to take down the survivors.

The leaked graphic for the mode includes a graphic of Legion and Trapper, seemingly working together - this suggests that the game will be co-op for killers rather than a killer versus killer mode. 

On top of variants of maps designed just for the hide-and-seek, two-killer game mode, it's likely that this new game mode will also include an array of new perks for both killers and survivors.

Some of these new hide-and-seek perks have already been found by Dead by Daylight leaker dvveet on Twitter/X, some of which make obvious references to the game mode, such as one called "You Shall Not Hide" and another called "Find You."

While a two-killer game mode is incredibly exciting news for players of Dead by Daylight's mobile version, many are asking when this new game mode will come to PCs and consoles. After all, it's something that players have been asking for for years now, and DBD recently promised in their livestreams that new game modes were in the works.

For now, though, there's no news as to when a two-killer game mode could come to PC and console. It's possible that Dead by Daylight is using mobile as a way to test out the new game mode, and may add hide-and-seek to PC and consoles in the future, too. This is certainly something we'd love to see, as it'd significantly freshen up Dead by Daylight's gameplay loop for new players and veterans of the now almost eight-year-old game alike.

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