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Dead by Daylight June Dev Update Includes Major Changes To The Knight, Singularity

Dead by Daylight's June developer update switches up The Knight and The Singularity.
Dead by Daylight June Dev Update Includes Major Changes To The Knight, Singularity
(Picture: Behaviour Interactive)

Dead by Daylight's June developer update includes some major changes to The Knight and The Singularity, increasing both killers' quality of life and switching up the way their powers work. Killer and survivor players alike have largely welcomed these updates, as they both buff killers and provide counterplay for survivors.

The Knight can now switch between any of his Guards at will, giving players a lot more flexibility on their play style and choosing which Guard is appropriate for any given situation. Previously, players needed to cycle between Guards in a certain order that could only be affected in set ways by killer add-ons.

However, to ensure the change is balanced for survivors, The Knight's ability to use his Guards in loops has also been largely limited. Most Guards' hunt times have been decreased, with only the Jailer's being increased - and all Guards' hunts deplete much faster when in chase.

This means that while killer players will likely find it easier to track down survivors using Guards and use their special abilities, it'll be much harder to use Guards in chase to take survivors down. This also eliminates unfair situations where survivors truly cannot escape the killer in chase, with both a Guard and the Knight himself chasing them down.

knight dead by daylight
The Knight can now switch between his Guards at will. (Picture: Behaviour Interactive)

As for The Singularity, Behaviour has made some changes that will make it easier for beginners to take on this killer's somewhat complicated ability. Not only do Biopods automatically target players, but The Singularity can now destroy active Biopods, and will hear audio automatically when controlling any Biopod.

To make it easier for killers to track down survivors, The Singularity also now gets Killer Instinct when Slipstreaming a survivor. Behaviour says that the Singularity's power changes "won’t have a significant effect on those who have already mastered The Singularity," but will "make targeting Survivors with Biopods easier."

These major changes come in addition to a wide array of smaller balance changes across the board for both The Singularity and The Knight.  Also in this update are some changes to commonly used survivor and killer perks, such as Darkness Revealed, I'm All Ears, Oppression, Iron Will, and Babysitter. You can view the full patch notes and all Dead by Daylight updates here.