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How To Counter The Knight In Dead By Daylight

Wondering how to counter The Knight In Dead By Daylight? Here's your guide to beating this killer when you're playing survivor.
How To Counter The Knight In Dead By Daylight

The Knight from Dead by Daylight's Forged in Fog chapter might be one of the game's newest killers, but he is also one of the most complex. He's able to spawn three different guards with his Guardia Compagnia ability, with each one boasting their own unique powers and abilities to track and slow down survivors.

Here's a look at the best ways to counter The Knight in Dead by Daylight, including how to avoid his guards and how to make the best of your own perks against him.

Think Differently to Counter DBD's Knight

knight dead by daylight
You'll need to take a unique approach when facing off against The Knight, as his abilities go against the grain. (Picture: Behaviour Interactive)

When looping The Knight, you'll need to play differently than when you play against characters who primarily use their basic attacks, like The Doctor, The Trapper, or The Wraith. His guards allow him to close in on loops easily, making normal gameplay mechanics moot in a manner similar to The Nurse, whose power was recently nerfed.

Instead of running to the next vault location the moment you see The Knight or his guards, try deciding whether to exercise stealth or a more offensive approach by determining whether The Knight is close enough to give chase and whether his guards have line of sight on you. If not, you might want to stay hidden - or keep running rather than go for a loop.

Break Line Of Sight from The Knight in DBD

The Knight's guards might be excellent at catching survivors once they've seen them - but if they can't see you, they can't track you down. Break line of sight with guards using walls and large objects to prevent them from spotting you and following you, either giving your location to The Knight or even injuring you. 

Note that not all objects will put safety between you and the guards. The guards can see over small objects like some rocks, stumps, and even generators. Don't bother hiding behind these small items to take cover, as they won't provide you any safety and will instead just result in an angry Guard barrelling toward your direction.

Be Aware

dead by daylight guard knight
Alert survivors can identify the locations of the guards and take care to avoid them, preventing an ambush. (Picture: Behaviour Interactive)

Perhaps the most important tip to keep in mind when facing The Knight is to keep aware during the entire trial. It's a good idea to keep track of which guard The Knight is currently using, as well as where the guards are on the trial grounds at any given time. You can see large pulsing green circles in a guard's patrol zone, so pay special attention to these areas to avoid getting caught out by one of The Knight's helpers. You can even see the guards' paths before The Knight places them down, allowing you plenty of time to avoid their patrols if you're observant and prompt in your response.

No matter what survivor build you're using, you should be able to take on The Knight with these tips to counter this killer. Good luck in the fog!

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