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Dead by Daylight Legion Comic Book Arrives 24 May, From Titan Comics

The Legion, some of the most iconic characters in Dead By Daylight, is headed from the digital world into the physical thanks to a collab with Titan Comics.
Dead by Daylight Legion Comic Book Arrives 24 May, From Titan Comics

Titan Comics and Behaviour Interactive have teamed up to create a new series of Dead by Daylight comics coming to stores on 24th May 2023. The first comic in the series, entitled "Dead by Daylight Issue #1," will follow the prequel story of one of the game's killers, The Legion

The new comic series, written by Nadia Shammas and illustrated by Dillon Snook with cover art by Ivan Tao and Chris Shehan, is Behaviour Interactive's first time dipping its toes into the comic book industry, but Dead by Daylight head of partnerships, Mathieu Côté, thinks The Legion is a great starting point.

"The Legion is quite an interesting set of characters. They are great to dig into since they embody the very universal themes of teen angst, rage, and revenge," said Côté in a press release. "Seeing our stories and characters coming to life on the page is a wonderful feeling and we hope our fans will appreciate it as much as we do."

dead by daylight legion susie
Dead By Daylight Comic #1 follows the story of The Legion. (Picture: Titan Comics)

As fans who are familiar with The Fog's lore know, The Legion is not just one killer but actually a group of four reckless teenagers who became notorious in the small town of Ormond for committing various crimes, eventually resulting in them murdering a helpless janitor.

The group is made up of Frank, the unofficial leader of The Legion; Julie, Frank's partner and reckless small-town girl;  Susie, the group's shy sophomore; and Joey, the laid-back jokester. Through the first Dead by Daylight comic, dedicated players will get to know their favorite playable characters from the 4v1 game much better.

“The Legion are the perfect killers to kick off the Dead by Daylight comics. The group is an innately recognisable and pervasive evil, which can be much scarier than the gory or grotesque. Nadia and Dillon give a real nuance to The Legion’s descent into darkness,” said Titan Comics Editor, Phoebe Hedges, in a press release. “It’s so exciting to be bringing Dead by Daylight to the comic page. We’re truly bringing the tension from the game and turning it into a thrilling story.”

Fans who plan on purchasing this new release will be excited to hear that every copy of the comic book will come with an exclusive Dead by Daylight code that will unlock an in-game charm.

Those who want to get their hands on the Legion prequel story can pre-order Dead By Daylight Issue #1 Cover A by placing an order at their local comic shop starting 18th February 2023. Alternate cover variations will be released prior to the comics' release. The comics are also available for purchase online in the UK/Europe and will be available to purchase digitally on Comixology before their release.

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Featured image courtesy of Behaviour Interactive.