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Can You Play Dead By Daylight Mobile With Controller?

Can you play Dead By Daylight mobile using a controller? Let's take a look at this popular question.
Can You Play Dead By Daylight Mobile With Controller?

Dead by Daylight Mobile has recently undergone some major changes bringing it more up to par with the PC and console versions of the game. As the mobile game sees a major influx of new players following the updates, many of them are wondering whether they can play the game using a Bluetooth-compatible controller on their iOS or Android devices. After all, using a controller tends to provide a much smoother experience than playing without one.

If you want to play Dead by Daylight Mobile using a controller, read on. We'll explain whether or not it's possible. 

Does Dead By Daylight Mobile Have Controller Compatibility?

dead by daylight mobile controller compatability
It's an unfortunate truth for many fans, but Dead by Daylight Mobile does not have controller compatibility at the time of writing. (Picture: Behaviour Interactive)

Unfortunately, Dead by Daylight Mobile does not have official controller compatibility as of the time of writing. You can connect a Bluetooth-compatible controller to your device while playing the game just like always, but you won't be able to use the controller to move or interact in Dead by Daylight. This is because the mobile version of the game is not designed to work with controllers, unlike the PC and console editions.

Developers have also stated that they don't have any news about potential controller compatibility in the future. The support page on the topic states that the team "doesn’t currently have news about controller support being added in the future."

While it would be nice to be able to play Dead by Daylight Mobile using a controller, it doesn't sound like this feature is coming anytime soon, and it isn't in the game already. If you want to play Dead by Daylight with a controller, you can always play the PC or console versions of the game. All of the console and PC versions of Dead by Daylight are controller compatible, allowing you to hook up any controller to your device and play the game seamlessly.

Unfortunately, that's about it for whether you can play Dead by Daylight Mobile with a controller. Right now, it just isn't possible, but maybe one day the developers will add this much-requested feature.

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