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Dead By Daylight's Naughty Bear Mori Revealed

Naughty Bear's Dead by Daylight Mori was revealed, and it's brutal.
Dead By Daylight's Naughty Bear Mori Revealed
(Picture: Behaviour Interactive)

Dead by Daylight's Naughty Bear is the game's first licensed cosmetic to get a unique Mori, developers announced earlier last year -  and during the Haunted by Daylight 2023 live stream, Naughty Bear's Mori was finally unveiled. In it, Naughty Bear leaves his trap on the ground, dropping it to pick up the survivor and finish the job in a pretty brutal way.

Naughty Bear will be a legendary skin for The Trapper, suiting him up as one of Behaviour Interactive's most iconic characters not from Dead by Daylight. He wields a cleaver, a different weapon than The Trapper's. This follows Dead by Daylight's recent trend of adding legendary costumes that completely transform one character into another, such as those included in the Resident Evil and Silent Hill chapters.

Naughty Bear even gets some voice lines, featuring the narrator from the Naughty Bear games. As he starts the Mori, the narrator announces, "This is your time to shine, Naughty Bear!" He will also speak in-game, alongside the line that plays when his Mori begins.

It's pretty exciting to see a Dead by Daylight legendary cosmetic with its own Memento Mori, as this could no doubt open the door to more cosmetics getting their own Moris, opening the door to way more customization for killer players.

Here's a look at the Naughty Bear Mori in Dead by Daylight:

While Naughty Bear's Mori was unveiled during the livestream, he isn't available for purchase in-game quite yet. Players will be able to purchase Naughty Bear later this month, starting on Halloween - during the Haunted by Daylight 2023 event.

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