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Dead By Daylight in 2024: Five Features We Want To See Next Year

Here's what we want to see Dead by Daylight add in 2024 to make the game even better.
Dead By Daylight in 2024: Five Features We Want To See Next Year

Dead by Daylight is headed into its eighth year, with a growing roster of nearly 100 killers and survivors to show for it. In addition to adding new chapters with new characters and perks, Behaviour Interactive also regularly updates the game to improve quality-of-life and balance. Here are the Dead by Daylight changes, fixes, and updates we'd love to see in 2024.

1. New Game Modes

Behaviour recently teased in a survey that they're working on a variety of new game modes, asking fans to choose their favorites among options like Tag, Bumrush, 4v4, and more. While these modes are currently being prototyped, none are available in the game quite yet. We're hoping to see new game modes added to Dead by Daylight in 2024 - which ones are added will likely depend on fans' responses to that recent survey.

2. Killer Add-On Reworks

Behaviour has already announced that they'll be reworking several killers, as well as their add-ons, from early-to-mid 2024. However, there are still a few killers with controversial or useless add-ons that are missing from the list of upcoming reworks.

With the recent revitalization of the Silent Hill franchise, we'd love to see some updates to Pyramid Head's add-ons. Many of them don't have an effect on the match, leaving most players to rely strictly on his two add-ons that increase the distance of his ranged attack. We'd also love to see Michael Myers' add-ons reworked, as many players have pointed out the wide gap in power between his different add-ons.

dead by dayilght post game
Post-game statistics are already available in Dead by Daylight Mobile. (Picture: Behaviour Interactive)

3. Post-Game Statistics

Dead by Daylight Mobile features post-game statistics that we'd love to see come to other versions of the game. In DBD Mobile, after a match, players learn how much repair progress they earned, as well as how many pallet hits, rescues, and heals they've made. There's even a counter for chase duration, letting players know who carried the weight for their team in chase. Unfortunately, none of this information is available on the PC or console versions of the game - but maybe in the future?

4. Bloodweb Updates

As it is, it can take a lot of time to purchase the items you need from the Bloodweb, even after updates that made these purchases a bit faster. We'd love to see developers add a feature that makes the Bloodweb even more quick to navigate. Thankfully, Bloodweb improvements are on developers' early 2024 update roadmap, with quality-of-life improvements slated for an April-June release.

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