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Dead By Daylight Prototyping New Game Modes For 2024

New game modes such as Tag, Bumrush, and Deceivers might be coming to Dead by Daylight soon.
Dead By Daylight Prototyping New Game Modes For 2024
(Picture: Behaviour Interactive)

Dead by Daylight released a player satisfaction survey recently asking players about their takes on possible future game modes for Dead by Daylight, mentioning that new game modes are currently in the prototype stage and even providing a list of possible game modes they might introduce in the future.

"Are new game modes finally happening?" One user asked. "We’re currently prototyping alternative game modes for Dead by Daylight and we will be able to share more with you soon in the new year," the team replied.

Whilst we don't know how many of these game modes will make the switch from prototype to a full-fledged mode, it's still interesting to know what types of modes they're thinking about. So here's a full list of the modes mentioned in the player satisfaction survey

Dead By Daylight New Game Mode Prototypes

dead by daylight game modes
Dead by Daylight could introduce new game modes with survivors acting as deceivers. (Picture: Behaviour Interactive)

Dead by Daylight's suggestions for new game modes include a 2v8 with no hooks - only Cages of Atonement, a 5v5 "capture the generator" mode, Tag, and an Among Us-like "Deceivers" mode.

In the survey, players are asked to choose one favorite mode and one least favorite among two sets of ideas.

All of the potential new game modes included in the survey are:

  • 2v8 Party:
    • 2 Killers against 8 Survivors
    • Hooks are removed, but Cages of Atonement prevail
  • 5v5:
    • Two teams of 4 Survivors and 1 Killer face off to control the generators
    • Capture the generators by moving generator progress towards your team’s side in a tug of war gameplay
  • Bumrush:
    • More generators spawn on the map
    • Everyone moves at double speed
    • Survivors have 3 lives, from which they revive after a 20-second death timer
  • Swapped Perspective:
    • Killers play in 3rd person, while Survivors play in 1st person
  • Luck of the Draw:
    • Start the game with randomized perks and items
  • Tag:
    • A random Survivor is picked to be the killer
    • Down a player to swap roles
    • Survive for 5 minutes and escape
  • Deceivers
    • Survivors work together to complete tasks before one or more “Deceiver” can kill everyone without being discovered
    • Played in rounds with voting between each round
  • Disgustingly Scary:
    • The Fog is thicker and shrouded in darkness
  • VIP:
    • When the obsession is killed, everyone dies
    • Only the obsession can open the gates for everyone
  • Giant:
    • Sizes are altered! Killers are turned into giants, while survivors become tiny
  • Hide & Seek:
      • No generators
      • No hooks, only Mori on downs
      • Stay alive for 5 minutes to escape through the exit gates
      • Auras will be revealed every couple of seconds
  • Zombie Tag:
      • A random Survivor is picked to be the Killer
      • Down a player to swap roles
      • Once a survivor turns into a killer, they don't turn back.
      • Keep playing until there's only 1 survivor left

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