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New DBD Killer Might Be Chucky, Knife Teaser Suggests

Dead by Daylight's next chapter could feature Chucky (or perhaps Norman Bates).
New DBD Killer Might Be Chucky, Knife Teaser Suggests

Dead by Daylight posted a cryptic teaser to the game's official Twitter/X account earlier today, and fans are stumped trying to figure out exactly what it means. The Tweet contains an image of a knife rack on the wall, with three knives - Trickster's, Clown, and Legion - with a blank spot on the wall behind the latter two. In that blank spot, there's a silhouette of a knife, perhaps hinting at the next Chapter 30 killer - could it be Chucky, Norman Bates, or another iconic licensed killer? We certainly know it's from a known franchise, that's for certain.

While it's not clear as to what this teaser is hinting at - more information is coming tomorrow, Behaviour promises - fans have a myriad of theories. Many posit that it could be a Chucky chapter - and that it is, in fact, Chucky's knife that's missing.

This would mean that Chucky is the game's new killer and that he wouldn't bring a survivor alongside him, since developers have already let players know in the Year 8 Roadmap that the next chapter will only bring a new killer.

While Chucky seems to be the most common theory based on the teaser, it's far from the only one, and many seem quite viable with the information we have right now. Other fans suggest that the Dead by Daylight Chapter 30 killer might also be Norman Bates from Psycho, given the resemblance of the knife's silhouette to his own bladed weapon.

Fans have also guessed that the knife could belong to Springtrap from FNAF, who wields a kitchen knife in the Five Nights at Freddy's movie, or even the eerie Clown from Terrifier.

While many are speculating who the Chapter 30 killer could be based on the teaser, one X/Twitter user suggested that the news might not be related to Chapter 30 at all, and may be a more minor change. "This could easily just be a tease for a Michael Myers rework and this could have nothing to do with chapter 30," they pointed out.

However, it seems unlikely that Dead by Daylight would remain so cryptic about something like a rework. They've been open to discussing The Twins' upcoming rework during live streams and announced the Skull Merchant's heavy rework, listening to fans' feedback long before they released the update to live servers.

The teaser's cryptic nature, though, makes pretty much anything possible - including a Chucky or Psycho chapter, or just a Michael Myers rework - so we'll have to wait for more information tomorrow to learn more.

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