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Dead By Daylight Chucky Chapter Release Time Countdown

Here's what's to come for Dead by Daylight Chapter 30, including the new killer, map, and survivor leaks.
Dead By Daylight Chucky Chapter Release Time Countdown

Dead by Daylight's Chapter 29: Alien is in the books, and Chapter 30 is now here, featuring Chucky as our new licensed killer. He'll be joined by his bride Tiffany, who will take the form of a legendary skin.

If you're curious about DBD's Chapter 30 featuring Chucky, you've come to the right place. In this article, we'll take a look at everything we know so far about Dead by Daylight's upcoming Chapter 30: Chucky, including his power, perks, and more.

Dead By Daylight Chucky Chapter Release Date

Fans were able to access the Chucky PTB on 8 November 2023, lasting for a total of one week.

The Dead by Daylight Chucky Chapter will be released on live servers on November 29 2023 according to the Dead by Daylight Year 8 Roadmap and Dead by Daylight's more recent November roadmap, posted to their X/Twitter account.

Dead By Daylight Chucky Chapter Release Times (US/UK)

Note - Behavior has now confirmed that the Chucky Chapter will release at 11am EST.

At the time of writing, there's no official release time for the new Chucky chapter. However, based on when Behavior Interactive has released previous Chapters we would expect the Chucky chapter to launch at the following times:

  • 8 AM PT on November 28
  • 11 AM ET on November 28
  • 4 PM GMT on November 28

You can see how long you have to wait on the countdown timer below:

Time until Dead By Daylight Chucky Chapter Releases
Dead by daylight chucky
Chucky is Dead by Daylight's newest killer. (Picture: Behaviour Interactive)

Dead By Daylight Chapter 30 Killer: Chucky

Fans anticipated that the killer for Dead by Daylight's Chapter 30 would be a licensed character, and they were correct: the killer for Chapter 30 is Chucky from Child's Play. Chucky can switch between Normal Mode and Hidey-Ho mode; the latter allows him to go Undetectable, keeping survivors on edge with fake footsteps and giving him the ability to leap at them rapidly.

Chucky's Perks

Chucky's perks are as follows:

Hex: Two Can Play Anytime

Any time you are stunned or blinded by a Survivor 4/3/2 times, if there is no Hex Totem associated with this Perk, a Dull Totem becomes a Hex Totem. While the Hex Totem stands, Survivors who stun or blind you get blinded for 1.5 seconds.

Friends 'Til the End

When you hook a Survivor that is not the Obsession, the Obsession becomes exposed for 20 seconds and reveals their aura for 6/8/10 seconds. When you hook the Obsession, another random Survivor screams and reveals their position and becomes the Obsession.

Batteries Included

When within 12 meters of a completed Generator, you have 5% Haste. The movement speed bonus lingers for 1/3/5 seconds when you are no longer in range.

Fans previously suspected that a Predator chapter might be in the works for chapter 30 - after all, the Alien has a skin from the Predator x Alien collab already, suggesting that it wouldn't be too hard for Behaviour to give the iconic character his own ability and perks. Five Nights at Freddy's is also one of fans' most-requested chapters; with the recent release of the Five Nights at Freddy's Movie, could chapter 31 feature Springtrap, Freddy Fazbear, or another animatronic icon?

Does Dead By Daylight Chapter 30 Have A New Survivor

There will be no survivor in Chapter 30, first known according to the DBD Year 8 Roadmap, and confirmed in the Chucky PTB. This means that we'll just see one licensed killer added to the game on their own, meaning that the chapter is a half-chapter or "paragraph."

Does Dead by Daylight Chapter 30 Have A New Map

No, unfortunately, Dead by Daylight's chapter 30 Chucky chapter will not include a map.

For now, that's all we know about Dead by Daylight's upcoming Chapter 30, including what killer, survivor, and map might be included in this licensed collab. We'll be sure to update this article as soon as any new leaks or news are announced surrounding DBD's next chapter. Good luck in the Fog.

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