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How To Use Power Struggle In Dead By Daylight

Learn everything about Elodie's Power Struggle Perk, including how to use it in Dead by Daylight to stun Killers.
How To Use Power Struggle In Dead By Daylight

One of the most exciting things a Survivor can do in Dead by Daylight is to fight back against the Killer - whether it's a terrifying  Nemesis or a creepy Demogorgon - and many of the best Survivor perks allow them to do just that, including Laurie Strode's Decisive Strike and Elodie Rakoto's Power Struggle.

Power Struggle might be one of the game's most interesting perks, given its unique mechanic to allow a carried Survivor to stun a Killer. In this article, we'll delve into the perk Power Struggle, including what it is and the best way to use it to escape the Killer's grasp.

What Is Power Struggle In Dead By Daylight?

elodie rakoto dead by daylight
Power Struggle belongs to Elodie Rakoto, who came into the fog during the Binding of Kin chapter. (Picture: Behaviour Interactive)

Power Struggle is one of Elodie Rakoto's three teachable perks in Dead by Daylight. This perk allows you to stun the Killer with a pallet if they walk under one while carrying you on their shoulder.

Power Struggle's in-game description reads as follows:

  • You've never given up, and you're not about to start now.
  • Whenever you are in the Dying state, you see the auras of available Pallets.
  • While being carried by The Killer, reaching 25/20/15% wiggle progress activates Power Struggle. While Power Struggle is active, you can drop a nearby, standing pallet to stun The Killer.

How To Use Power Struggle In Dead By Daylight

dead by daylight wiggle
With Elodie Rakoto's Power Struggle, you can wiggle free from the killers' grasp instantly without the help of another survivor. (Picture: Behaviour Interactive)

Thankfully, it's easy to use Power Struggle in Dead by Daylight once you've equipped the perk. You'll need to pay careful attention to your wiggle progress, though, as you'll need at least 15% wiggle progress before the Killer walks underneath the pallet to activate the perk's power.

In order to use Power Struggle, you must follow these steps:

  • First, equip Power Struggle as part of your Survivor build.
  • Then, be downed and picked up by the Killer.
  • Finally, reach 15% wiggle progress and wait until the Killer walks under a pallet. The second they walk under the pallet, press the Active Ability button to drop it and stun them, setting yourself free.

That's all you need to know about Elodie Rakoto's Power Struggle perk in Dead by Daylight, including what it is and how to use it on any survivor you choose to play.

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Featured image courtesy of Behaviour Interactive.