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Puppers Dead by Daylight Community Rally Together Following Heartbreaking News

The Dead by Daylight community is coming together in support of Fog Whisperer PuppersTV.
Puppers Dead by Daylight Community Rally Together Following Heartbreaking News

The Dead By Daylight fan community is rallying together online today with an abundance of support, love, and heartbreak after Fog Whisperer and streamer Max "Puppers" decided to enter hospice care, having gone into respiratory distress because of his fight with ALS.

Puppers is one of Dead by Daylight's original Fog Whisperers and has been streaming the game for almost 8 years. Sunshine, the Host of the Light in the Fog event and Puppers' caregiver, posted the heartbreaking news to Twitter days ago.

Behaviour Interactive posted a statement from the Dead by Daylight team in honor of Puppers on the streamers' Kudoboard, mentioning his passion, charm, sense of humour, and "striking resemblance to Dwight."

"Puppers, you are a shining example of how the greatest entertainers are, those who dedicate their energy to building a loving community with their work," the letter read. "Your light is so bright it draws people in."

Hundreds of other fans took to a Kudoboard set up by Sunshine to shower Puppers with love and support.

"Your pin has sat unmoved on my desk for the past 6 years," said one user. "Always reminding me that there are truly amazing people in this world."

Fans and friends can leave a message on Max Puppers' Kudoboard or backup Kudoboard. One of the Dead by Daylight codes that never expires is a 'Warrior Puppers' charm designed in honor of the Fog Whisperer which players can display on their hip (as a survivor) or hooks (as the killer).

Puppers' ALS Diagnosis

Puppers started streaming all the way back in 2011 on (now Twitch), broadcasting an array of horror games. When Dead by Daylight came out in the summer of 2016, Puppers fell in love with it and made a name for himself in the niche. He quickly became one of the game's first Fog Whisperers, with his channel growing to over 115,000 subscribers on YouTube and over 210,000 subscribers on Twitch as of May 2023.

In 2020, he told fans on his Twitter that he had experienced a stroke, resulting in him developing ALS. For those who don't know, ALS - also known as amyotrophic lateral sclerosis or Lou Gehrig's Disease - is a progressive and fatal disease that affects the nervous system and breaks down cells over time. ALS affects movements like chewing, walking, talking, and breathing.

Unfortunately, there is currently no cure for ALS.

Dead By Daylight's Light In The Fog Event

The Dead By Daylight Light In The Fog event was created in 2021 to raise money for ALS in honor of Puppers, and took place again in 2022.

Across the two events, which included a tournament and challenges for content creators, the Light In The Fog event has raised over $270,000 for ALS.

Over 100 content creators, including other Fog Whisperers like Otzdarva, participated in each one.

If you would like to know more about how you can support ALS or the Light In The Fog event, head to:

puppers dbd
Puppers was one of Dead by Daylight's original Fog Whisperers. (Picture: Behaviour Interactive)

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