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Otzdarva's Dead By Daylight Killer Tier List Reveals Some Surprising Changes

Here's a look at Otzdarva's updated Dead by Daylight killer tier list as of the game's 6.7.0 update.
Otzdarva's Dead By Daylight Killer Tier List Reveals Some Surprising Changes

Dead by Daylight Fog Whisperer and streamer Otzdarva posted a detailed killer tier list on his Twitter and YouTube this week, outlining his placement of every killer in the game as of the 6.7.0 update from S-Tier (Overpowered) to C- -Tier (Weak). Topping the list are The Nurse and The Blight, with The Onryo, The Shape, and The Trapper falling at the very bottom.

Otzdarva published his last killer tier list about 8 months ago following the 6.2.0 update, around the time The Mastermind was added to the game. Several characters have dropped down on the tier list since then; for example, both The Spirit and The Artist fell from the S-tier to A-tier, with most of their strength relying on their add-ons.

"[The Spirit] is a character that has the potential to be among the very best, but also the potential to drop down significantly, and be good, but not overwhelming," Otzdarva explained of the killer, who once almost unanimously topped players' Dead by Daylight tier lists, right next to The Blight and The Nurse.

While killer perk changes, survivor perk changes, and other updates to the game have limited the abilities of some killers, others have climbed the ranks of Otzdarva's tier list. For example, after some major changes to his kit, the Ghost Face is now a B+ tier killer rather than a C-tier killer.

it will come as no surprise to Dead by Daylight veterans that the Nurse, and the Blight, have maintained their status at the very top of Otzdarva's tier list - even after the Nurse's relatively recent set of nerfs.

"[The Nurse] is at the top of the tier list and will probably stay there forever," he explained.

otzdarva dead by daylight tier list
Otzdarva is known for his tier lists and Dead by Daylight killer build videos. (Picture: Otzdarva on YouTube)

Otzdarva's Dead By Daylight Killer Tier List (6.7.0 Update)

We've shared Otzdarva's full killer tier list below, including his rankings for every character, below:

Tier Killer
S Tier (Overpowered)
  • Nurse
  • Blight
A Tier (Very Strong)
  • Spirit
  • Plague
  • Mastermind
  • Artist
  • Oni
  • Executioner
  • Huntress
B+ Tier (Strong)
  • Hag
  • Cenobite
  • Twins
  • Deathslinger
  • Skull Merchant
  • Knight
B- Tier (Average)
  • Demogorgon
  • Doctor
  • Nemesis
  • Dredge
  • Hillbilly
  • Cannibal
  • Ghost Face
C+ Tier (Slightly Weak)
  • Trickster
  • Legion
  • Pig
  • Wraith
  • Clown
  • Nightmare
C- Tier (Weak)
  • Onryo
  • Shape
  • Trapper

Otzdarva's tier list has some pretty surprising rankings - notably, characters that have long been a part of the game's meta, like The Spirit, dropping not one, but several tiers with others, like The Ghost Face, making their way up the list.

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