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How To Use Red Envelope In DBD Moonlight Burrow Event

Wondering how to use the Red Envelope in Dead by Daylight's Moonlight Burrow event to get rewards? Here's your guide.
How To Use Red Envelope In DBD Moonlight Burrow Event

Red Envelopes have long been a part of Dead by Daylight's Lunar New Year events, and the 2023 Moonlight Burrow event is no exception. These items can be used to gain special rewards from the event, including cosmetics and charms for both survivors and killers - but players will need to put in a bit of work to use them properly.

Let's take a look at the Red Envelope offering and how to use it during the Moonlight Burrow Lunar New Year event so you can obtain all of the killer and survivor rewards.

How To Use Red Envelope In Dead by Daylight Moonlight Burrow Event

dead by daylight moonlight burrow
The Red Envelopes are the key to gaining both survivor and killer limited-edition cosmetics during the Moonlight Burrow event in 2023, mimicking past years' events. (Picture: Behaviour Interactive)

In order for a Red Envelope to spawn in the trial, at least one player will need to burn a Red Envelope Offering. Players who burn the Red Envelope Offering will be able to see the aura of their own Envelopes, making them significantly easier to find and obtain.

While you can try to rely on other players to bring Offerings for you, they are available in abundance during the event and make hunting for the Envelope in the trial a lot easier anyway, so don't be afraid to add one to your loadout. Note that both killers and survivors can purchase Red Envelope Offerings from the Bloodweb and equip them in their loadout.

Once in the trial, head to the illuminated aura of your own Envelope in order to reveal it. Revealing your Red Envelope will trigger a sound effect and reveal the Envelope to all other players.

moonlight burrow dead by daylight
Along with enjoying decorations throughout the trials, survivors and killers can interact with Red Envelopes to get special rewards. (Picture: Behaviour Interactive)

You will then need to rely on a survivor or killer to find your Envelope and open it. When an Envelope is opened, the owner will receive 5000 Bloodpoints and one of the 10 Lunar New Year Event rewards for 2023. The individual who opens the Envelope will receive a randomized number of Bloodpoints. Playing during events is one of the fastest ways to earn Bloodpoints in Dead by Daylight.

In order to get all of the Lunar New Year rewards for 2023, you'll need to bring along 10 Red Envelope Offerings and successfully have another survivor or killer claim them. Good luck with claiming each of the ten rewards this year for yourself!

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