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How To Get Bloodpoints Fast In Dead by Daylight

Here is how to get Bloodpoints as fast as possible in Dead by Daylight so you can prestige your characters.
How To Get Bloodpoints Fast In Dead by Daylight

Bloodpoints are the most integral currency in the horror game Dead by Daylight, allowing you to purchase perks, offerings, items, add-ons, and other tools that allow you to both progress in the Bloodweb and boost your performance in the game.

Because Bloodpoints are such an important currency and are used for progression, you’ll want to earn as many of them as possible. If you’re wondering how to do that, we’ve thankfully got you covered in this guide to how to get Bloodpoints fast in Dead by Daylight.

1 June 2023 - We've updated this article with all of the mot recent techniques to get Bloodpoints as fast as possible.

Use Bloodpoint Offerings 

dead by daylight offerings bloodpoints
Using offerings as both killer and survivor can help you and your team earn more Bloodpoints. (Picture: Behaviour Interactive)

Bloodpoint offerings are available for both killer and survivor. You can play these offerings to boost your Bloodpoints at the end of each match.

There are a range of offerings available for both killer and survivor; common offerings boost your points by 25% in one category (with different offerings available for each category). 

It’s worth playing better offerings than the common ones, though, if you have them. An Escape Cake or Survivor Pudding will boost your Bloodpoints by 100% for survivor and killer respectively.

Event offerings, like this year’s 6th anniversary Frightful Flan, will boost your Bloodpoints by 100%, help the whole team, and stack - so if you and your friends have any left over, don’t forget to play several of them and reap the benefits. 

Use Codes

Behaviour Interactive often releases codes that players can enter in the Store to receive free Bloodpoints or other rewards. To see which ones are active so you can gain those Bloodpoints before any working codes expire, be sure to check out our working Dead by Daylight codes

Maximize Emblems

dead by daylight emblems
In Dead by Daylight, your emblems determine the number of Bloodpoints you receive. (Picture: Behaviour Interactive)

After each match as survivor or killer, you’ll see your four emblems showing how well you performed in four key categories in the match. Players can receive a maximum of 10,000 points in each category, for a maximum of 40,000 points.

Any offerings or additional bonuses, including matchmaking incentives, are stacked on top of the base points earned by emblems. 

The emblems for survivors and killers, as well as how to earn them, are as follows. 

Survivor Emblems

  • Lightbringer - Repair generators, open exit gates, cleanse Totems, be chased while another survivor cleanses a Totem

  • Unbroken - Determined by number of times downed, or, if you die, the amount of time you were alive in the trial

  • Benevolent - Heal another survivor, unhook another survivor or have another teammate unhook a survivor, perform a safe unhook, rescue a survivor from the Killer's Grasp, tak a Protection Hit

  • Evader - Spend time in the killer's Terror Radius without being Chased, stun a killer with a Pallet, escape Chases

Killer Emblems

  • Gatekeeper -Determined by number of generators left in each minute of the trial

  • Devout - Complete Sacrifices, complete Kills, hook survivors 9 times, hook all survivors

  • Malicious - Hit a survivor, have a hooked survivor reach a new Hook State

  • Chaser - Find a survivor and start a Chase (more points awarded for shorter Chases), hit a survivor during a chase

To maximize your emblems, make sure you earn as many points as possible in each category. If you’ve already earned your 10,000 points in your Evader emblem as survivor after escaping multiple chases, for example, you might want to try to work your way toward a generator to gain points in the Lightbringer category. 

Matchmaking Incentives

Dead by Daylight offers players matchmaking incentives in the form of Bloodpoints for playing as either killer or survivor at a given time. If there are too many survivors online proportional to the number of killers online, for example, you’ll receive bonus Bloodpoints for playing killer. 

You might receive 25%, 50%, or 100% bonus for playing the needed side. You will see the percentage of bonus points you’ll receive for playing your side both on the main screen UI and before you click the ‘Ready button.’

Matchmaking incentives are a great way to earn extra Bloodpoints - arguably, the best way - since they can completely double your Bloodpoint gains from a match just for playing a side you might not have otherwise played. 

And that’s all you need to know about how to get Bloodpoints as fast as possible in Dead by Daylight. Now, you can earn lots of this currency for yourself and prestige your characters quickly.

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