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Dead By Daylight Update Buffs Singularity Killer, Nerfs EMP

Dead by Daylight's newest killer, The Singularity, is already getting buffed in the newest developer update.
Dead By Daylight Update Buffs Singularity Killer, Nerfs EMP

The Singularity is Dead by Daylight's newest killer, being added to the game in Chapter 28: End Transmission, and the killer has been pretty positively received by the community ever since the chapter's announcement. However, as with almost all Dead by Daylight releases, there are a few changes coming from the chapter's PTB and initial release to adjust the killer's balance and playability.

Thankfully for players who have taken a liking to The Singularity, this upcoming bugfix patch is mostly full of buffs for the new killer. Here's a look at the buffs for The Singularity that are coming in the 7.0.1 Bugfix Patch.

dead by daylight singularity
Dead by Daylight's Singularity will receive some buffs to his kit in the upcoming 7.0.1 Bugfix Patch. (Picture: Behaviour Interactive)

Dead By Daylight's Buffs Singularity, Nerfs EMP

There are now only 4 Supply Cases in each trial as opposed to 5, making it harder for survivors to get their hands on EMPs. Further, the EMPs take longer to generate, at 100 seconds instead of 90 seconds. Lastly, disabled Biopods will only remain disabled for 45 seconds rather than 60 after a survivor uses an EMP.

Developers have also made some adjustments to make EMPs a little less oppressive in chase, with their charge time being 2.5 seconds rather than 2, and survivors are now slowed by 10% when charging an EMP. 

The Singularity was a pretty balanced killer on release according to most players, but there are some areas where he couldn't quite keep up. The buffs announced in the developer update should help bring him up to speed with other high-tier killers on our Dead by Daylight killer tier list, perhaps making him a part of the game's meta.

Of course, we'll have to wait and see how these changes to The Singularity will play out in gameplay once the 7.0.1 Bugfix Patch releases since players haven't gotten to experience them quite yet.

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