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DBD Skull Merchant Rework "Is Actually Fun Now", Fans Claim

Dead by Daylight fans love the new Skull Merchant rework.
DBD Skull Merchant Rework "Is Actually Fun Now", Fans Claim
(Picture: Behaviour Interactive)

Dead by Daylight's Skull Merchant rework went live today, and fans are absolutely loving the changes to the character. With changes to the killer's Eyes In The Sky ability, which lets her deploy drones, she's no longer capable of effectively "3-genning" survivors. (A 3-gen is one of the worst situations for survivors in Dead by Daylight; with 3 generators close together, the killer can easily patrol them, often ensuring survivors' certain death.)

"Dead by Daylight is healing," one player wrote on Twitter about the change, also mentioning their excitement for the Halloween event and cosmetic sets. "We are winning."

Some players even expressed disbelief that Skull Merchant is "fun now." One pointed out that "this is what Skull Merchant should have been like at release," mentioning that she is altogether fun now but especially fun in chases.

Dead by Daylight streamer PotatoLegion shared a similar sentiment regarding the change on his Twitter, saying, "New Skull Merchant is actually fun."

The Skull Merchant rework is just one of many major killer changes developers have recently brought to the game. This update also includes changes to the Trapper that make him more effective in gameplay, and developers have hinted at reworking The Twins in the near future.

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