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Dead By Daylight Slipknot Collection Announced

Dead by Daylight's Slipknot Collection will feature a line of cosmetics for killers and survivors.
Dead By Daylight Slipknot Collection Announced

Dead by Daylight is bringing a new way for fans to show their love for their favorite bands in the Fog with their upcoming Slipknot collection, according to an announcement during the game's 7th anniversary live stream. Players will be able to wear cosmetics based on the iconic heavy metal band as soon as they hit the in-game Store.

According to Behavior, this collection will feature 9 iconic Killer masks that pay tribute to Slipknot's members, who are of course famed for their own weird and wonderful maskswhich tend to change with every new album release.

When Is The Dead By Daylight Slipknot Collection Coming Out?

Considering that the Dead by Daylight x Slipknot collaboration was announced during the 7th-anniversary live stream, it's likely that the cosmetics will be coming to the store very soon for players to purchase.

For now, we don't know the exact release date of the Slipknot cosmetic collection, and nothing has been mentioned in the official Year 8 Roadmap, but we'll update this article as soon as it's announced.

Slipknot Album Cover Artwork
The Slipknot Collection will include 9 iconic Killer masks inspired by Slipknot's members

How Much Will Dead By Daylight Slipknot Cosmetics Cost?

Because the Slipknot cosmetic collection is a licensed collab, it's likely that you'll only be able to purchase these outfits for Auric Cells instead of with Iridescent Shards. If they come in the form of legendary cosmetics - and we're certainly guessing that they will be - they'll likely cost 1080 Auric Cells each.

For now, that's all we know about the Dead by Daylight x Slipknot collab. It's some pretty exciting news for fans who have wanted to see more of their favorite bands and artists in the game, even if it's a bit of an unexpected announcement. Behaviour Interactive has had a lot of sudden surprises in store recently - from Nic Cage joining the game to new game announcements - so we're excited to see what will come of this just-announced collab.