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Stranger Things Returning To Dead By Daylight, Leaks Suggest

Stranger Things characters The Demogorgon, Steve Harrington, and Nancy Wheeler might make a return to DBD.
Stranger Things Returning To Dead By Daylight, Leaks Suggest
(Picture: Behaviour Interactive)

Dead by Daylight's Stranger Things chapter is likely returning in late 2023, along with possible new content, leakers say. Dead by Daylight data miners have found that the files for the Hawkins Laboratory map have passed the behind-the-scenes QA process, suggesting that the Stranger Things map will be re-enabled in future updates.

The return of Hawkins Laboratory would also likely mark the return of killer The Demogorgon and survivors Steve Harrington and Nancy Wheeler, along with their unique cosmetics, such as Steve's Scoops Ahoy outfit. This will no doubt be exciting for many fans; the chapter is so popular that some have spent over $300 for a Stranger Things code from those who still have them.

New Stranger Things Content Coming To Dead By Daylight?

dead by daylight stranger things
If Stranger Things comes to Dead by Daylight again, new content could be part of the collab. (Picture: Behaviour Interactive)

A new DBD Stranger Things chapter could include Vecna as the killer and an array of survivors, like fan-favorites Eddie Munson, Eleven, or even Barb Holland - but nothing is confirmed in terms of new content quite yet.

Perhaps a new wave of Stranger Things content could include not only new survivors but legendary cosmetics for them introducing even more new characters, as with the Resident Evil and Silent Hill chapters.

The QA'd Hawkins Laboratory files were found just a few days after data miner iFireMonkey announced that Stranger Things is also coming to Fortnite, featuring the character Eleven and cosmetics like Steve's Bat, Eddie's Spear, and the Waffle Extravaganza back bling. Eleven appearing in Fortnite makes it even more likely that the character might be playable in Dead by Daylight sooner rather than later.

When Is Stranger Things Coming Back To Dead By Daylight?

While signs definitely point to Stranger Things coming back to Dead by Daylight, nothing has been confirmed quite yet, so there's no official release date..for now. However, with a new PTB coming out on 8 November, it's possible that we could see this update very soon.

"[Stranger Things] coming back to Fortnite alongside changes happening in builds on DBD is a huge sign," the leaker wrote. "Though as always, take things with a grain of salt as nothing is ever 100%, especially with big companies. "

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