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Dead By Daylight Streamers Facing DDoS Attacks

Prominent Dead by Daylight streamers have been facing repeated DDoS attacks.
Dead By Daylight Streamers Facing DDoS Attacks

Dead by Daylight's active streaming community is, unfortunately, no stranger to DDoS attacks, with the offenses becoming so severe late last year that Behaviour Interactive had to make a statement on their Twitter account.

It seems like those DDoS attacks on Dead by Daylight's most popular streamers are back in full force in March 2023, with multiple "prominent streamers" falling victim to the denials of service, according to developers.

Dead By Daylight Streamers Face DDoS Attacks

ddos attacks dead by daylight
Many prominent Dead by Daylight streamers have fallen victim to DDoS attacks. (Picture: Behaviour Interactive)

On 13th March 2023, a statement on the Dead by Daylight Twitter account mentioned that the team has been "actively investigating reports of DDoS" happening over the weekend to prominent streamers.

Behaviour Interactive reassured worried players that the developers are doing everything in their power to prevent the attacks from affecting other players.

"While we will continue to monitor the situation internally, we are also taking every measure to ensure that this does not further impact any of our players," they explained. 

However, the team also mentioned that, despite "looking into every corner to ensure that our network packets are safe & secure," they had not turned up any 'strong leads."

Dead By Daylight Community Responds To DDoS Attacks

otzdarva dead by daylight community ddos
Dead by Daylight DDoS attacks have occured more than once. (Picture: Behaviour Interactive)

Some Dead by Daylight players took to the Twitter thread to express criticism toward the developers, citing their prior inaction. "It's so funny that Behaviour only brings up issues that have been effecting [sic] the community for YEARS when fog whisperers are the ones to bring it up."

Dead by Daylight Fog Whisperer and streamer Otzdarva, who has been extremely vocal about the past DDoS attacks and spoken out about cheating in Dead by Daylight, says that the best way for players to stay safe is to avoid playing on Steam.

"Some vulnerability in DBD seems to allow external people to grab your IP and potentially DDOS / crash your internet, even without being in your lobby," a message from one of the streamer's automated bots reads ."If you're playing DBD (especially as a content creator), consider using a VPN and/or playing on the Epic Games version, as this issue seemingly only affects Steam."

Behaviour Interactive encouraged any players who are concerned about the DDoS attacks to follow "best practices for online safety" and to report any potential leads to the Dead by Daylight team. 

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