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DBD Streamer Otzdarva - "I Don't Feel Safe Streaming DBD Anymore"

In a video posted to his YouTube channel, popular Dead by Daylight content creator Otzdarva described his issues with the game including cheaters, stream snipers, and safety.
DBD Streamer Otzdarva - "I Don't Feel Safe Streaming DBD Anymore"

Cheaters are known for running rampant in Behaviour Interactive's hit 4v1 asymmetrical horror game Dead by Daylight, and some streamers are finally speaking up about the issue.

Popular Dead by Daylight streamer and Fog Whisperer Otzdarva posted a YouTube video clipped from one of his Twitch streams to discuss the current state of Dead by Daylight, and he called out a lot of issues with the game during his rant.

Otzdarva: "I Don't Feel Safe Playing Dead by Daylight"

otzdarva dead by daylight
In a 19th September 2022 YouTube video, Otzdarva described his issues with the current state of Dead by Daylight. (Picture: Otzdarva)

In Otzdarva's YouTube video, posted 19th September 2022 and entitled "DBD is becoming really unfun to stream", he discussed numerous issues that have drawn him away from Dead by Daylight in recent months.

"It's come to a point where I almost dread streaming this game," he explained. "I feel like I am very helpless at making the game better for the community and I don't have any fun when I stream it."

Otzdarva went on to cite the reasons for his growing dislike of the game. The number one reason, he told his fans, is the rampant cheaters.

In the brutally honest YouTube video, Otz described his many frustrating run-ins with cheaters during the creation of his 50 Win Streak videos, for which he is well-known.

Otz became suspicious of players cheating after he lost the streak to the same group of players three times, and then, through some research, discovered they had a YouTube channel dedicated to stream sniping him. He found out that the stream snipers also created multiple Dead by Daylight accounts to prevent Otz from blocking or avoiding them.

otzdarva dead by daylight
Otzdarva is a Fog Whisperer, and is well-known in the Dead by Daylight community for both his skills and personality. (Picture: Otzdarva)

"Since we know that there's so many cheaters, when anything in the game happens that's a little bit off...I just don't believe it anymore," he admitted.

He said he dodged lobbies with Anonymous Mode players, suspicious-looking players, players whose names were slightly familiar, or players he recognized as cheaters - and the constant dodging began to become not only unfun, but exhausting.

Otz also went on to describe that his current dislike for the game is also due to feeling unsafe.

A few weeks ago, he said his IP, along with other streamers' IPs, were compromised - and while developers promised a fix, fans discovered that the issue may not have been resolved after all.

"The main point I'm trying to make is that I don't feel safe playing Dead by Daylight on stream," Otz said. "It's like showing up to a party and you're so scared of everything that you're wearing a hazmat suit."

You can view the entire video on Otzdarva's YouTube channel here:

Otzdarva has been an active part of the Dead by Daylight community for four years, and has made a name for himself among fans as a Twitch streamer and content creator. Recently, he has also delved into streaming other games like Elden Ring and Hades.

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Featured image courtesy of Otzdarva.

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