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Top 5 Licensed Killers Fans Want In Dead By Daylight

Here are the top five licensed killers that fans want to play in Dead by Daylight in hopes they will be added to the roster.
Top 5 Licensed Killers Fans Want In Dead By Daylight

Dead by Daylight has some pretty iconic horror killers in its roster, from Michael Myers from Halloween - the first licensed killer to the game - to more recent additions like Saw's Amanda Young, Ringu's Sadako Yamamura, and Resident Evil's Nemesis.

In fact, another Resident Evil chapter is coming up, adding yet another famous licensed killer to the game: Albert Wesker. This has fans wondering which killer might come after Wesker's release. Here are the top five licensed killers that fans most want Behaviour to add to Dead by Daylight.

The Nun - The Conjuring

The Conjuring Dead by Daylight
A Conjuring chapter could feature The Nun. (Picture: Warner Bros. Entertainment)

Recent unconfirmed leaks suggest that The Conjuring's Nun may be coming to Dead by Daylight, which would make sense, considering fans have been hoping for a Conjuring chapter for several years.

It's likely that the chapter would feature The Nun as the killer since she is by far the most iconic villain from The Conjuring.

Fan-made concepts suggest that The Nun could have a power that allows her to control multiple Annabelle dolls around the map, as well as release shadow balls to move quickly and undetected.

Jason Voorhees - Friday the 13th

jason Voorhees friday the 13th dead by daylight
Jason Voorhees may be in Friday the 13th, but players still want him in Dead by Daylight. (Picture: Warner Bros. Pictures)

Sure, Jason Voorhees may already have his own 4v1 multiplayer horror game called, you guessed it, Friday the 13th  - but he'd be just as horrifying if he made an appearance in Dead by Daylight.

With his cold and calculated demeanor, he would no doubt fit in with the game's roster. It might be hard to get the license from Behaviour's competition, but fans desperately want Jason to be added to Dead by Daylight nonetheless.

Chucky - Child's Play

Chucky Dead by daylight child's play
Chucky is small but horrifying. (Picture: MGM/UA Communications Co.)

Chucky might be small, but this doesn't mean he wouldn't be a terrifying killer in Dead by Daylight.

Developers may have to make some small changes to the killer's perspective in order to make such a tiny killer work in terms of gameplay, but Chucky could be a great and horrifying character. Perhaps he could even jumpscare survivors due to his small size, clinging to them like Victor of The Twins.

Pennywise - It

Dead by daylight pennywise clown it killer
Move over, Clown - Dead by Daylight fans want Pennywise. (Picture: Warner Bros. Pictures)

Though Dead by Daylight already has The Clown, he's quite different in appearance and demeanor from It's Pennywise, suggesting there may be room in the game for two clown killers.

Pennywise's power could involve transforming into survivors or even objects to fool survivors, allowing him to mimic his actions in the movie and book. Alternatively, his red balloon motif could be woven into his power, perhaps placing the balloons on hooks or generators and giving an effect on survivors.

Springtrap - Five Night's At Freddy's

Five nights at freddys dead by daylight springtrap
A Five Night's At Freddy's x Dead by Daylight chapter could potentially include Springtrap or another animatronic as the killer. (Picture: ScottGames)

Perhaps fans' most desired killer is Springtrap from Five Night's at Freddy's. Many fans have speculated that a past chapter would be the release of Springtrap, but instead, it turned out to be Pinhead from Hellraiser, known in-game as The Cenobite.

Due to his popularity, many fans have speculated about Springtrap's potential power. One user suggested that he could have the ability to depart his body as a Phantom, allowing him to quickly ambush survivors.

Those are just the top five licensed killers fans want in Dead by Daylight; many players have expressed their want for a lot of other characters, too, from The Candyman to The Alien from Alien. Whichever characters you want to be added to Dead by Daylight, be sure to participate in Behaviour's surveys when they're released and throw in your vote for your favorite IPs.

And that's all. For more Dead by Daylight news, guides, leaks, tips, and tricks, be sure to check out our dedicated category.


Featured image courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures.