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Dead By Daylight's Twins Rework Is Finally Here

Dead by Daylight's newest update includes a rework for The Twins, changes to popular perks, and much more.
Dead By Daylight's Twins Rework Is Finally Here
(Picture: Behaviour Interactive)

Dead by Daylight's March developer update is finally here, and with it comes the much-anticipated Twins rework along with some changes to some popular perks including Adrenaline and Decisive Strike.

Both a variety of changes and new abilities are coming to The Twins' kit, just after they've returned to the game after being kill switched. First off, the changes: The Twins players can now switch between the two characters more quickly, with the time it takes to switch back to Charlotte being slashed in half (from 3 seconds to 1.5 seconds). It's also quicker to unbind Victor, by just a quarter of a second (from 1 second to 0.75 seconds), and Victor doesn't need as much time to charge his Pounce (from 1 second to 0.85 seconds).

Also importantly, Victor can no longer be kicked after successful pounces which do not latch onto a Survivor. Previously, survivors could easily take him out after just one failed Pounce.

The Twins' new abilities promise to make them much easier to play, with a better feel: the ability to recall Victor at any point when he's unbound will give Twins players much more flexibility regarding switching between characters and choosing who to play at a given moment.

dead by daylight twins
Dead by Daylight's Twins are getting a rework. (Picture: Behaviour Interactive)

Players can also now change between both characters near hooked survivors. Previously; this wasn't a possibility, but with the new anti-camping mechanic allowing survivors to unhook themselves, the game already punishes killers enough for camping enough to let killer players switch between the two twins near a hooked survivor once or twice if necessary. 

Here are a few more of the changes coming to The Twins:

  •  Updates to 7 Add-Ons

  • Victor’s Pounce no longer latches onto healthy Survivors

  • Victor’s Pounce now latches onto Survivors when they are put into the dying state. Other Survivors can crush Victor during this to help the dying Survivor. Victor will automatically return to Charlotte after 20 seconds.

  • While Victor is attached to a Survivor or holding a Survivor in a locker, Charlotte gains a 10% Haste effect. This effect will be lost prematurely if Charlotte hits a Survivor.

  • Survivors near Victor while he is latched onto another Survivor are no longer revealed by Killer Instinct.

This update also includes a rework to Haddonfield, making the map more fair for both sides, and some updates to Adrenaline and Decisive Strike. The latter gets a new animation in this upcoming update, with the former being nerfed to no longer activate when a survivor is hooked during the end game collapse.



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