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Dead By Daylight Twitch Integrations Could Be Coming Soon

Dead by Daylight might be adding Twitch integrations in the future, a survey suggests.
Dead By Daylight Twitch Integrations Could Be Coming Soon
(Picture: Behaviour Interactive)

Dead by Daylight's newest player satisfaction survey asked players about their opinions on a variety of topics relating to the game, including a section about Twitch integrations. This could suggest that Behaviour is looking into adding Dead by Daylight Twitch integrations sometime in the future, allowing players to interact in all-new ways with their favourite DBD streamers.

The survey proposes two different Twitch integrations, asking players which ones they would find most entertaining when watching streamers play Dead by Daylight.

One of the integrations would let viewers check out the streamer's character profile, including perks, add-ons, items, prestige, and more. This would give fans a lot more insight on their favourite streamer's Dead by Daylight profile and gameplay.

The other Twitch integration mentioned would allow viewers to make requests of the streamer, including the next character they play, add-ons they use, or even challenges they participate in. This could be a great feature for streamers like Otzdarva, who are known for completing tough challenges and responding regularly to their chat feedback.

Many Dead by Daylight streamers utilize third-party Twitch extensions to let viewers see what their active perks do, but none are able to go quite as in-depth as a potential official Twitch integration would be capable of. For example, the 'DBD Twitch Extension' lets viewers hover over a streamer's perks to see their definitions - but it won't show players details like a character's prestige, or what perks were chosen while still in the lobby.

An official Dead by Daylight Twitch integration - or several - would no doubt be a great extension for Twitch streamers who play the game regularly, and would give their viewers more insight into their playstyle.

For now, there's no confirmation that Twitch integrations are coming, but Behaviour did seem to hint at the possibility of their arrival in a recent player satisfaction survey. They also hinted at some potential news surrounding Project T, the upcoming DBD PvE game. As for the potentially upcoming Twitch integrations, just have to wait and see whether this exciting feature ends up being added to the game.

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