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What Survivors Are In Hooked On You?

Despite four Killers featured in Hooked On You, a few Dead by Daylight Survivors appear in-game, so learn who appears in the dating sim.
What Survivors Are In Hooked On You?

The rom-com dating simulator, Hooked On You features characters from the popular multiplayer horror game, Dead by Daylight. In Hooked On You, your love interests are blood-hungry killers who are also seemingly looking for a romantic relationship. 

But the vile, murderous killers aren't the only love interests you’ll encounter, as you’ll also find a few Dead by Daylight Survivors as side characters in-game. We've listed all the notable Survivors who have made an appearance in Hooked On You.

All The Survivors You Can Find In Hooked On You

Hooked On You features characters from Dead by Daylight; although still Killers and terrified Survivors, these characters are portrayed in a sexy, romantic way. Well, it wouldn’t be much of a dating simulator if getting with a Killer meant you’d die too, right?

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Players can date any of the four Killers, from the horror game, Dead by Daylight, in this exhilarating dating simulator, Hooked On You. (Picture: Behaviour Interactive)

Despite more than a handful of Survivors in Dead by Daylight, only two are seen in Hooked On You. Those Survivors are Dwight Fairfield and Claudette Morel; however, throughout the game, there’s some dialogue regarding the other Survivors' whereabouts.

So, where are all the other Survivors? They’re supposedly already dead and are used for meat in meals. It’s safe to assume some of the rest is elsewhere, probably serving the rest of the Killers in Dead by Daylight.

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In Hooked On You, Claudette and Dwight are the only Survivors to be seen. (Picture: YouTube / Heuster 101)

The Survivors, Dwight and Claudette, aren’t entirely running or fixing Generators; instead, they are servants bidding to the Killers as their masters. They must listen to them, bring them whatever is needed, and they’re hurt or even killed if they disobey.

The catch is on Murder Island, where all the characters spend romanticizing and dating; survivors are in a purgatorial state where they can’t escape by death. So, even if the Survivors tried killing themselves, they’d go back to their original, alive condition.

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Featured image courtesy of YouTube / Heuster 101.

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