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When is Dead by Daylight Chapter 28 Coming to PTB

Chapter 28 is coming to PTB for Dead By Daylight and we have the release date for it here.
When is Dead by Daylight Chapter 28 Coming to PTB
UPDATE - Chapter 28 'End Transmission' is now live on the Dead by Daylight PTB

Dead by Daylight has been out for a couple of years now and the game has a very active and dedicated fanbase. Dead By Daylight is absolutely filled to the brim with horror icons that many will recognize. But now it is time to look forward to the future because Chapter 28 is coming for Dead By Daylight.

But there have been some problems for the developers of this game. Unfortunately for them, there have been a few leaks about the content that they wanted to announce for the game. Because of the leaks, the team decided to move up their showcase and not all the information they displayed was accurate. Here, we will tell you when Chapter 28 will come to PTB for Dead by Daylight.

When Will Chapter 28 Come To PTB For Dead By Daylight?

Dead By Daylight Chapter 28 PTB
The anniversary stream for Dead by Daylight is a bit inaccurate because the stream had to move up in the schedule. (Picture: Behaviour Interactive Inc.)

PTB stands for Public Test Build. The PTB allows players to play the latest of Dead by Daylight early to see what the future has to offer. This also lets developers work out any remaining bugs that are found by the players. Due to the leaks, there was a bit of confusion about when Chapter 28 will come to PTB.

During the anniversary stream, developers said that players can play Chapter 28 on PTB right after the stream ended, however, this is not actually the case.

Due to several leaks, the anniversary live stream was moved up a couple of days, but the PTB date is actually still set for the date the anniversary stream was meant to broadcast.

This means that players can't actually get their hands on Chapter 28 of Dead by Daylight on the PTB until May 23rd at 11 am EDT.

This was also confirmed on a tweet from the official Dead by Daylight Twitter account, which read:

"Our 7th anniversary show was initially planned for broadcasting on May 23rd. Due to leaks that occurred earlier this week, we took the decision to advance the broadcast date to today. What this means is that you will see some disclaimers throughout the broadcast. An important note is that the public test build (PTB) was originally planned to kick off right after the Anniversary broadcast. The PTB will remain on May 23rd at 11am EDT"

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