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Dead Island 2 Playable Characters: Full List Of Slayers

It's time to meet the playable characters in Dead Island 2! Learn everything about each Slayer's personality, skills, and combat style.
Dead Island 2 Playable Characters: Full List Of Slayers

Are you ready to take to the streets of HELL-A in Dead Island 2? Of course, you are! With the highly anticipated Dead Island finally here, players can get ready by familiarizing themselves with the game's various fighters! In this guide, we'll go through all the playable characters (or "Slayers") in Dead Island 2, detailing their skills and fighting styles.

From the muscle-bound brawler to the agile Paralympian, each Slayer brings their own unique strengths and abilities to the table but is equally adept at one thing: kicking zombie ass. Whether you're looking for a close combat fighter or ranged sharpshooter, you can bet your bottom dollar that there's a Slayer that suits your play style. Here's the scoop on all Slayers in Dead Island 2.

Dead Island 2 Playable Characters List: DI2 Slayers

There are six playable Slayers in Dead Island 2, each with their own unique play style and abilities: Amy, Bruno, Carla, Dani, Jabob, and Ryan. In the following section, we'll provide more details on each Slayer, including their Innate Skill Cards (learn more about the Card Deck system in our previous guide), attributes, and gameplay preferences as described on the official Dead Island 2 website.


bruno dead island 2 characters slayers Born and raised on the streets of LA, Bruno is a cunning hustler with a knack for devising plans. He used to execute heists on big-time scammers and spammers before the zombocalypse, and now he's focused on taking down the undead. Bruno's charming California demeanor masks his lethal knife skills, which ensure his targets won't talk about him. He's a calculated survivor who always stays one step ahead of the game.

Innate Skills

  1. Backstab: Bruno gets a moderate DAMAGE boost when attacking zombies from behind.
  2. Rapid Reprisal: Boost Bruno's AGILITY and HEAVY ATTACK CHARGES when he avoids attacks with a BLOCK or DODGE.

dani dead island 2 playable character list

Dani is a fierce rockabilly brawler with a headstrong personality and a sharp tongue, hailing from the mosh pits of County Cork, Ireland. Her twisted sense of humor and foul mouth are just as deadly as her fighting skills, which she honed on opposing roller derby teams before the zombocalypse, promising to "feck you up" with a grin on her face.

Innate Skills

  1. Bloodlust: Dani regains HEALTH when slaying multiple zombies in quick succession. 
  2. Thunderstruck: Dani's HEAVY ATTACKS trigger a FORCEFUL explosion on impact.

amy dead island 2 slayers list

Amy is a quick-witted Paralympian who's found a new thrill in life: taking down zombies! Each victory fuels her adrenaline and keeps her mind sharp, like an obstacle course to solve on the fly. Laid-back and cool as a cucumber, not much can shake her California chill. Amy's got the skills and the smarts to slay the undead with ease.

Innate Skills

  1. Relief Pitcher: Amy regains STAMINA when hitting a zombie with a weapon throw.
  2. Divide & Conquer: Amy gets a minor DAMAGE boost when she attacks isolated zombies.

jacob dead island 2 slayers

Jacob is an antihero with a rockstar edge. He's got a unique charm that's paired with a total disregard for his own safety. After losing his beloved mum, he ditched his successful London stockbroker career to pursue his Hollywood stuntman dream. Now he's slaying zombies in HELL-A, spouting Shakespearean quotes and witty quips to the undead. With his larger-than-life personality, Jacob is a force to be reckoned with. Lovely!

Innate Skills

  1. Feral: Jacob gets a stackable minor DAMAGE boost when attacking in quick succession.
  2. Critical Gains: Jacob gets a moderate CRITICAL DAMAGE boost while his stamina is low. Critical hits regain STAMINA.

ryan slayers list dead island 2

Ryan, the exotic dancer, is more than just a pretty face and chiseled abs. He's got a stubborn streak a mile wide and a dry, sarcastic wit that could rival the Sahara. But don't let that fool you - Ryan's heart is indomitable, and he's on a mission to reunite with his little brother in Fresno, no matter what stands in his way - be it zombies or the living.

Innate Skills

  1. Retaliation: Ryan gets a moderate FORCE boost when using BLOCK or DODGE to avoid an attack.
  2. Seesaw: Ryan regains HEALTH each time he knocks down a zombie.


Meet Carla, the fearless motorcycle stunt rider who's unfazed by rings of fire, jumps over ravines, and mid-air flips. The zombocalypse hasn't even made her break a sweat! Armed with street smarts, an outgoing personality, and boundless physical confidence, Carla has fully embraced the challenges of slaying her way through HELL-A with enthusiasm. She's always ready for whatever the undead throws her way, and her positive attitude is infectious.

Innate Skills

  1. Dig Deep: Carla gets a moderate TOUGHNESS boost while her health is critical.
  2. Mosh Pit: Carla gets a minor DAMAGE boost when close to multiple zombies.

And that's everything you need to know about the six playable Slayers in Dead Island 2. Be sure to read on for more detailed information on each Slayer. But that's not all! If you're looking for even more tips and tricks on Dead Island 2, be sure to check out our dedicated hub page for all the latest guides. From weapon breakdowns to survival strategies, we'll have you covered on everything you need to survive the zombie apocalypse in Hell-A.