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Deep Rock Galactic Anniversary Event 2024: Start Time, New Armor Details & More

New armor, fancy hats, and XP bonuses are coming to Deep Rock Galactic's Year Six Anniversary Event.
Deep Rock Galactic Anniversary Event 2024: Start Time, New Armor Details & More
Ghost Ship Games

Deep Rock Galactic has experienced significant success since its initial release in 2018. Each year, the game marks its continued growth and achievement through Anniversary Seasonal events. These yearly events commemorate the game's anniversary by introducing new content, fresh features, and more.

If you're interested in learning more about the upcoming anniversary celebration of the game and what to anticipate when it arrives, you're in the right place. Below, you'll find all the information we currently have regarding the release date, features, content, and more that will be part of the next Deep Rock Galactic Anniversary Seasonal event.

28 February 2024 - The Year Six Anniversary Celebration is live!

When Does The Deep Rock Galactic 2024 Anniversary Event Start?

Deep Rock Galactic's Anniversary Seasonal event now has a release date. The 'Six Years in Orbit' Anniversary Celebrations kick off on February 28th at 13:00 CET, and the event will run until March 14th at 13:00 CET.

What Time Does DRG Anniversary Event Start?

All Content Coming To Deep Rock Galactic Six-Year Anniversary Event

Here's a quick summary of what the 2024 Anniversary event will include:

  1. New MK6 Armor Set
  2. New Year Six Party Hat
  3. New 'Event Countdown' Monitor
  4. Double Experience
  5. Free Beer
  6. Space Rig Decorations

For those wishing to know more, more details are available below.

New MK6 Armor Set

After six years of trials, R&D has officially cleared the new MK6 Armor Set for limited field testing. And as part of this Anniversary celebration, you’ll have the unique opportunity to earn this cutting-edge new armor, months ahead of schedule!

The MK6 Armor Experimental Trials assignment will give you permanent access to the MK6 suit for all four classes.

This assignment is time-limited, however – if you don’t complete it by the time the celebration ends, you won’t be able to snag the MK6 armor until it rolls out for general release in Season 05! At that point, it'll become available in the Accessory Shop, like the other armors.

New Year Six Party Hat

A good party requires party hats. And a party hat requires an assignment, because Deep Rock Galactic is a business, not a charity. Complete the Anniversary Bonus assignment, and you’ll unlock the delightfully wobbly Party Hat - Year Six balloon top hat. As with all our anniversary hats, this one is a rare time-limited opportunity.

Deep Rock Galactic Party Hat

Double Experience

As usual, you’ll have the opportunity to earn a Double Performance Pass Bonus! Collect the glittering Year 6 Anniversary Trophy while you’re down in the caves, and your whole crew will earn double experience for that mission.

New 'Event Countdown' Monitor

We’re adding a little monitor over by the Assignment Board that displays a countdown until a current seasonal event ends. This should make it easier for everybody to check how much time’s left to complete some assignments, or enjoy the decorations!

Deep Rock Galactic Countdown Timer

Free Beer

After a long negotiation process, the Interplanetary Miner’s Union has reached an agreement with Management to run an open tab at the Abyss Bar for the entirety of this event. You read that right: Two weeks of free beer. This policy represents a significant financial risk to the company, as every beer poured puts a dent in the next corporate earnings report. Management requests that all dwarves drink responsibly.

Deep Rock Galactic Anniversay Celebrations

Space Rig Decorations

The Space Rig’s got to look the part for this momentous occasion, so we’re giving it the full celebrity treatment. Expect tinsel, confetti, sparklers, champagne towers, chandeliers (borrowed from the estate of Mission Control’s grandmother), and a black marble dance floor at the Abyss Bar. You’ll think they sent a Waldorf Astoria to space. Black tie attire optional.