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Deep Rock Galactic Lunar Festival 2024: Start Time and New Content

Celebrate another year of epic first-person shooter mining with our guide to the Lunar Festival Seasonal Event in Deep Rock Galactic.
Deep Rock Galactic Lunar Festival 2024: Start Time and New Content
Ghost Ship Games

Every year, Deep Rock Galactic introduces a variety of events that bring a plethora of exciting new content to this cooperative first-person shooter. Traditionally, the game commences each year with what is known as the Lunar Festival. Drawing inspiration from the Chinese Lunar New Year celebration, Deep Rock Fantasy sets the stage for the rest of the year with this iconic seasonal event.

So, if you're eager to learn more about the upcoming Lunar event in Deep Rock Galactic, you're in the right place. Below, you'll find a comprehensive overview of everything we currently know about the forthcoming Deep Rock Galactic Lunar Festival event, including its start date, new content additions, fresh features, and much more.

Deep Rock Galactic Lunar Festival Seasonal Event Start Date

Update - It's now live.

29 January 2024 Update -
he Lunar Festival event has now been confirmed. This year’s Lunar Festival begins on Thursday, February 1st at 13:00 CET, and it runs until Thursday, February 15th at 13:00 CET. The countdown clock below shows you how long you have to wait before the event starts.

Deep Rock Galactic Lunar Festival Start Time Countdown

As of the current writing, we don't have an official start date for the Lunar Festival Seasonal Events. However, we can make a reasonable estimate based on the start date of previous Lunar events and the fact that it traditionally begins at the start of the year, given its New Year theme. So, making an educated guess, we suspect that the next Lunar Festival Seasonal event will likely be released around mid-January 2024, roughly between the 12th and 19th of January, and it will probably conclude in early February. This estimation is based on the timeline for the 2023 event, which began on January 19th and ended on February 2nd. We expect a similar timeframe for the 2024 Lunar Festival Seasonal event, but of course, it's important to take this with a grain of salt until we receive an official schedule from the developers.

Deep Rock Galactic Lunar Festival Release Date
Based on last year's Lunar Festival event and the fact that it celebrates the new year, we suspect 2024's event will begin in mid-January. (Picture: Ghost Ship Games)

Deep Rock Galactic Lunar Festival 2024 Seasonal Content

The Lunar Festival is coming back in 2024 and the developers have freshened up this seasonal event to ring in the Year of the Dragon, bringing fans a fresh crop of collectibles, delightful decorations, and fun hats.

Here's a rundown of the content you can expect in 2024, as per the Deep Rock Galactic blog post on Steam.

Fresh ferocious finery

First thing’s first: the cool new hat. We’re welcoming the Year of the Dragon with this dashing new headgear, which features a movable jaw, wiggly whiskers and googly eyes to distract your foes. It’s called Enter the Dragon, because your head enters it when you put it on. Smart, right? Complete the hat’s seasonal assignment, and it’s yours to keep.

Deep Rock Galactic Lunar Festival Enter The Dragon Hat
The new Enter the Dragon hat is available to keep once you complete the seasonal assignment.

Collect vintage Festival styles

If you slept through 2023 and 2022 (Years of the Rabbit and Tiger, respectively), you’ve still got the chance to snag the hats from those previous Lunar Festivals. As always, we’re bringing them back as rewards for the Last Year’s Blessings assignment! Get it done, and you’ll be a couple hats richer.

Quest for the Golden Dragon

We’ve received word that a reckless Longbeard courier has lost countless Lunar Festival Dragons in the depths of Hoxxes. These golden statues are of tremendous symbolic value, so we’re contracting you to retrieve them. Dig up and deposit a dragon during a mission, and your whole team will earn a Double Mission Performance Point Bonus!

Free firecrackers on the Space Rig

Of course, it wouldn’t be a proper Lunar Festival if the Space Rig didn’t look the part. When the event starts, you’ll find the Rig dressed to the nines with festive banners, glowing paper lanterns, ripe persimmons and traditional charms galore. We’ve also stocked the Rig with a generous amount of firecrackers. Please don’t use them while other dwarves are sleeping.

Deep Rock Galactic Lunar Festival Content
We expect similar content to last year's Lunar Festival event, such as cosmetics, double Season XP, and a new Lunar Festival Assignment. (Picture: Ghost Ship Games)

Original Story Follows - Naturally, we currently lack an official breakdown of the content and features set to arrive for the 2024 Lunar Festival Seasonal Event. However, based on the content from this year's event in 2023, we can anticipate that the features will be somewhat similar.

First and foremost, we expect there to be another Lunar Festival Assignment, likely rewarding players with cosmetic items, such as the Lunar Rabbit Hat that was featured in the 2023 event. Players might also have the opportunity to earn Double Season XP, and some of the items from the previous year's event, such as the mentioned hat, could be made available.

Naturally, we anticipate the Space Rig to be fully decorated, either with the 2023 aesthetic or possibly a new design, depending on the developers' constraints. While there could be brand-new content additions and rewards up for grabs, we'll have to wait for the official announcement from the developers to confirm. Rest assured, once the details are released, you can expect to find them here, as we'll provide you with all the information you need to know about the next Lunar Festival Seasonal Event.