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Deep Rock Galactic Season 6: Release Date, Dev Updates and Latest News

Look toward the future of this epic co-op first-person shooter with our article discussing the release date and content for Season 6 of Deep Rock Galactic.
Deep Rock Galactic Season 6: Release Date, Dev Updates and Latest News
Ghost Ship Games

While many players eagerly await the launch of Deep Rock Galactic Season 5, a significant portion of the player base is keenly interested in the future of the franchise, particularly in what Season 6, the next installment of this popular co-op first-person shooter, has in store. If you're curious about what Season 6 has in store for fans, you've come to the right place.

Here, you'll find a brief and comprehensive overview of Deep Rock Galactic Season 6, including its release date, new content, added features, and more. So, without any further delay, let's jump in and discover what awaits you in the depths of Hoxxes during Season 6.

When could Deep Rock Galactic Season 6 Release?

While we don't have an exact release date for Season 6, we do have a general timeframe thanks to the game's recently announced Living Roadmap, which states that Season 6 will be released in 2025. To form a theory on the exact date (or month in this case), we can turn to the estimations made for the release of Season 5.

Deep Rock Galactic Season 6 Release Date February 2025
Based on the seasonal cycles and the developer's roadmap, we suspect that Season 6 will be released early in 2025, likely in February. (Picture: Ghost Ship Games)

Based on these estimations, it's been deduced that each season is typically spaced out by roughly 6 or 7 months. With Season 5 confirmed for June 2024, we can infer that Season 6 is likely to be released in early 2025. January is usually when the Lunar Festival event takes place, which can extend into early February. 

To account for this, we expect Season 6 to be launched after the Lunar event concludes (early February), allowing the developers to focus fully on the new season release. This puts our estimation for the release of Season 6 toward the end of February or early March 2025 and running until September, following the 6-7 month timeframe.

However, please bear in mind that this is all speculative, and we still have some time to go before Season 6 becomes a fully realized plan. So, consider this information with caution until more details become available, and once they are, you can expect to find them here first.

What content could Deep Rock Galactic Season 6 contain

When it comes to the content of Season 6 in Deep Rock Galactic, we are indeed in the dark, as the period between now and 2025 could see numerous new content additions, features, game modes, and software updates. Speculating on the content of Season 6 is a highly speculative task. However, let's discuss some basic expectations for the sake of imagination.

Deep Rock Galactic Season 6 Content More
There's tons of content we could suspect to come in Season 6, but the basics of each season will definitely be implemented, such as the Season Pass, new events, armor/item sets, and much more. (Picture: Ghost Ship Games)

Similar to Season 5, we can expect that Season 6 of Deep Rock Galactic will likely feature a new Performance or Season Pass, as well as new events, enemies, armor pieces, and more. In the past, different seasons introduced new features, such as new types of beers (like Randoweisser) and new enemies (like Glyphids). So, it's reasonable to assume that Season 6 could see similar updates and additions to bring a fresh wave of content in 2025. However, please keep in mind that all of this is speculative, and the actual content may vary significantly.

Season 6 Could Be A Major Content Update

One thing that is worth spotlighting is that Season 5 is taking something of a different approach to the game. It's already being described as a "prelude to Rogue Core" the upcoming spinoff game. Likewise, Season 5 will add a new feature to let players reactivate old seasons. So it's plausible that Season 5 will include some filler content to tide players over whilst work continues on Rogue Core. If this is the case, we semi-expect that Season 6 could be a doozy when it eventually releases.

Naturally, be sure to check back here regularly for updates on the release date and exciting content to expect for Season 6 of Deep Rock Galactic.