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Demonologist Cursed Items and Possession Locations

Here's a list of all the cursed objects in Demonologist and how to find them.
Demonologist Cursed Items and Possession Locations
Different cursed objects have unique interactions. (Picture: Clock Wizard Games)

Demonologist and Phasmophobia share a lot of similarities; the ability to find cursed objects in haunted locations and interact with them is one of them. Cursed objects are possessed by ghosts or carry a lot of ghastly energy and can give players new ways to interact with ghosts or find evidence. Let's take a look at all of the cursed objects in Demonologist, including where to find them, what they do, and how to interact with them.

cursed objects
Interacting with cursed objects can trigger a hunt under the right conditions. (Picture: Clock Wizard Games)

All Cursed Items In Demonologist

There are currently three cursed objects in Demonologist: the tarot cards, the Ouija board, and the Voodoo doll. Interestingly, all of these items also appear as cursed objects in Phasmophobia. Here's all of them and what they do: 

Tarot Cards

Tarot Cards are scattered all around each map, so players can find them almost anywhere if they look hard enough. A Demonologist tarot deck has 10 cards, so players can draw exactly 10 times. The cards each have a unique effect. 

The cards are as follows:

  • Void makes an item disappear. 
  • Flame of Fate will raise or lower sanity depending on its color. 
  • Moon drains sanity.
  • Sun restores your sanity.
  • The Devil increases paranormal activity.
  • Aggressive angers the ghost.
  • Death begins a hunt.
  • Slave locks the ghost into the room where it is currently. 
  • Guillotine instantly kills the player who draws it. (1% chance)
  • Angel will revive a dead teammate. (2% chance)

Ouija Board

The Ouija Board, similar to the Spirit Box, allows players to interact with the ghost and ask them specific questions. However, you'll lose Sanity while using the Ouija board - sometimes a lot of it, depending on how much your questions upset the ghost. If you break the board, you'll also immediately trigger a hunt. For those reasons, it's pretty important to be careful when using a Ouija board. Even if it breaks when you're not using it, if it's still active, you can cause a hunt, so say "goodbye" when you're done talking to the ghost.

There are many different phrases that work with the Ouija board, but here are a few:

  • Hello.
  • How old are you?/What's your age?
  • How did you die?
  • Are you in here?
  • Is anyone with us?/Are you with us?
  • Where are you? 
  • What's your name?
  • Goodbye. 

Voodoo Doll

While the Voodoo Doll won't let you directly interact with the ghost, it can cause the ghost to become more active. Just pick up the doll and push the pins into it. With each pin, you'll trigger a ghost interaction, but like Ouija Board, this cursed object is risky; if you accidentally stab the ghost's heart, it'll start hunting you. You can't control where you stab, so it's all up to chance, and it's best to be prepared in case of a potential hunt.

All Cursed Item Locations On Abandoned House Map

Abandoned House Ouija Board Locations

  • On a chair in the basement
  • On the bedroom floor
  • In the Magna Room on a bookshelf

Abandoned House Tarot Card Locations

  • In the pot in a hallway
  • In the workshop, sitting on a stool
  • In the living room, on a shelf; on the side of the room closest to the kitchen

Abandoned House Voodoo Doll Locations

  • In the basement on the floor (in front of the lockers)
  • Inside the workshop, on the left just past the entrance
  • Between the workshop and bedroom doors, on the floor below the dresser

All Cursed Item Locations On Cyclone Street Map

Cyclone Street Ouija Board Locations

  • Right after you walk in, on the left
  • In the basement, on the bedroom floor
  • Behind the table behind the couch
  • Inside the closet in the upstairs bedroom
  • On the floor in the upstairs bathroom floor, right next to the Bloody Mary mirror

Cyclone Street Tarot Card Locations

  • Right after you walk in, on the left
  • Next to the couch on the desk
  • In the basement on a coffee table
  • In the master bedroom, under the TV

Cyclone Street Voodoo Doll Locations

  • Past the entrance, in the bathroom
  • On the kitchen counter
  • On the upstairs master bedroom's floor
  • Left or right bottom of the basement stairs

All Cursed Item Locations On The Hospital Map

Hospital Ouija Board Locations

  • Past the entry to the stairs
  • On the reception room desk
  • Near the bathroom toilets

Hospital Tarot Card Locations

  • On the reception room desk
  • In a locker in the office
  • Past the entry to the stairs
  • Near the bathroom toilets

Hospital Voodoo Doll Locations

  • On the chair in the office
  • Near the bathroom toilets
  • Inside the nursery