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Demonologist Dream Room In Abandoned House, Explained

Here's how to get to the Dream Room in Demonologist, and what's inside.
Demonologist Dream Room In Abandoned House, Explained
The Dream Room is an area in the Abandoned House map. (Picture: Clock Wizard Games)

There are lots of secrets in Demonologist, and one of them is the Dream Room. It's a creepy location that takes players into a room seemingly from another universe, containing some ghostly energy. So what is the mysterious Dream Room in Demonologist, and how do players access it? In this guide, we'll walk you through everything you need to know about this secret in the game.

dream room demonologist
The Dream Room will lock players inside. (Picture: Demonologist)

What Is The Dream Room In Demonologist?

In Demonologist, the Dream Room is a room only accessible in the Abandoned House that contains an incredibly ghostly atmosphere. You'll need to complete a certain series of tasks to access it. Entering the Dream Room doesn't help you identify the ghost or gain extra money, but it's definitely a terrifying experience.

How To Access The Dream Room In Demonologist

Now, let's discuss how to get into the Dream Room. Keep in mind that to access it, you'll need to be on the Abandoned House map since the other maps in Demonologist don't contain the items needed to trigger the event, nor the room itself.

Here are the simple steps you'll need to follow to get into the Dream Room:

  1. Find the room containing a mannequin in a dress.
  2. Go to the desk. Notice that it says "Victoria."
  3. Turn on your voice chat. (If voice chat isn't working in Demonologist, there are a few things you can try.)
  4. Say "Victoria."
  5. A secret passage will open. Walk into it.
  6. Notice the door with the word "Dream" on it.
  7. Turn on your voice chat and say "Dream."
  8. You will then enter the room.

Once you're in the room, the doors will close and bear a message: "My name is..." To complete the phrase and exit the room, simply turn on your microphone again and say the word "anger." You'll then be freed from this creepy corridor.

So that's all you need to know about Demonologist's Dream Room and how to access it. It doesn't provide any benefits when it comes to identifying the ghost, but it's still a fun area to explore that stands out a lot from other rooms on the map and other locations altogether. There are lots of other secrets in Demonologist, so get out there and explore all of the game's maps!