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How To Get Ghosts To Blow Out The Candle In Demonologist

Here's how to get ghosts to blow out candles to achieve objectives in Demonologist.
How To Get Ghosts To Blow Out The Candle In Demonologist
Ghosts can blow out candles in Demonologist. (Picture: Clock Wizard Games)

There are many ways in which the ghosts in Demonologist show their ghostly presence; one of them is blowing out candles in the player's presence. When a ghost does so, a player is able to better maintain their Sanity levels. However, most ghosts won't blow out candles unless the player encourages them to do so - but how do you interact with ghosts in a way that gets them to blow out the fire?

In this guide, we'll explain what you need to do in order to get ghosts to blow out candles in Demonologist, and the benefits of prompting them to do so.

How To Get Ghosts To Blow Out The Candle In Demonologist

candle demonologist
Place the candle in the middle of the ghost room to get the ghost to extinguish it. (Picture: Clock Wizard Games)

As we mentioned, getting the ghost to blow out candles in Demonologist will help you keep your Sanity levels high and, thus, likely stay alive for longer. It's also an optional objective; thus, if it's on your list of optional objectives, you'll make more money for completing it.

Here's how you get a ghost to blow out a candle:

  1. Make sure you bring along some candles with you to the match. You can purchase these in the in-game store in the safehouse prior to leaving your safehouse and going to the location.
  2. First, find the type of ghost and circle it in your journal. All players in your party will need to do so before completing optional objectives.
  3. Find the location of the ghost using your tools.
  4. Place one or more candles in the room where you've found the ghost; you'll notice a green glow. If not, move the candle.
  5. Step away from the candle you just placed to avoid losing Sanity quickly.
  6. Wait and watch. Soon, the ghost should blow out the candle, and with that, you can complete your optional objective.

These are the steps to get a ghost to blow out a candle in Demonologist. Be sure to follow the steps carefully, and you will soon be able to complete your objective and keep your Sanity high. This is one of the easier optional objectives in the game, so it's definitely worth completing, provided you remember to bring along a Candle with you before you begin your next ghost hunt.